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Kingdom's League - Ranking Issues (01.02.2019)

Hey guys,

We came across another issue in our Kingdom's League Rankings which we want you to be aware of during your adventures. Currently, some rewards being shown in the rankings don't seem to match your ranking. This is obviously not intended and we are already investigating this issue.

Due to an error in the system, some players are not shown in the rankings so the players lower than them get pushed up but their rewards are actually the correct lower rank ones. As an example, a rank 21 players is pushed up to 20 (because the player at rank 20 is not shown at all) thinks he should get the rewards for rank 11-20, but he actually gets the rewards for rank 21-50. It's a bit confusing and annoying but we are on it!

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Your Empire Family
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