Player Account Information to support Recruiters

Talking about it with other players in light of the ongoing VPN scandal, one of the thing which would help alliance leaders and officers to have greater confidence when recruiting new players would be for the alliances they have played in to be published and be visible for players to view.  Players from certain alliances clearly represent more of a risk and whilst alliances may wish to take the risk it would make that process quicker and easier.  It would also help to see if a player is currently serving a ban as that impacts a players ability to contribute to the new alliance.  I appreciate the latter is difficult but the former would help immensely in terms of providing some ability to limit malicious accounts and accounts which may put existing alliance players at risk.  I don't see highlighting which alliances players have played in is problematic it's just like a CV and for many players would actually be beneficial to show their experience.  Also on the CV style approach showing for example achievements such as Events won, battle win percentage would be great a bit like the Next Gen Stats you get for NFL players.  Recruitment is really hard for recruiters and giving them more help is due and I hope would be welcomed.  
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    In the spirit of openness my game CV would show I played initially in Empire Warriors were I was deputy before being recruited by the Syndicate where I was War Marshall and Deputy before moving from Syndicate to 10th Legion and then back to the Syndicate with a brief loan to The Round Table TRT for one of their wars with Odins Fury and Crimson Guard.  
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