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Kon VS Misc



  • Heartnoir (US1)Heartnoir (US1) US1 Posts: 513
    edited 08.04.2019

    Delusional is now being added to another name to describe you. You already did bring up the players name by mentioning the name of my metro, which again.. had nothing do do with any health issues, and had to do with all the BS stories hes been caught in. My metro name was there BEFORE him telling people that he was ill. I've already addressed this but, we all know how you like to try and change facts...

    You are one of the most despicable people on this server from all the vile and disgusting things you have done and authorized people to do. Let me make this clear, read it slowly. EVERYONE KNOWS. YOUR INNOCENT ACT IS OVER. We are filled with people you screwed over.. that's why they are OUR FAMILY now. You literally are wasting your little typing fingers time. You have no boundaries to the levels you will stoop. Your own family isn't even safe. You strip your own families properties from your lies about them, or when they are out of town or afk and you decide.. "nope hes not hanging from my tit like he use to so cap that metro"... or trashing their accounts because you guys had their passwords and figured out they were taking WoK out of the war..releasing images and personal information of our players in KoNs OWN description, and then promoting and encouraging a lunatic to post MUs info MULTIPLE times.. what is it he calls you? Madame Noir? Who on KoNs behalf while he was in KoN, while he ran 20 multis in the "lambo" shell you gave him, and still to this day.. calls and harasses people and their families. Well done.

    Then the MOST DISGUSTING shameful trolling of a little girl with cancer. Hitting her round the clock with multiple players.. just to evoke a response from MU thinking THAT was a good strategy... Telling that poor girl to leave or she wouldn't have anything left to play with.. For years WE were her distraction during her chemo treatments, the radiation treatments, her marrow transplant, her liver failure, and helped make her smile. She was pure sunshine and you guys made a joke that "Dead girls cant open gates.." one late night. Lets pause and think of how utterly putrid an alliance must be to do these things..Then laughing it up when we asked you guys simply to spare her. None of you were even decent enough and said just tell her to leave. She wanted to be with US. Her family. At least you lost some players over that abuse, they thought you guys were just as sick. Your assumption vs the pages of screens we have of her being harassed is NO comparison and there is NO excuse. One of the sweetest things she posted was a message from Pastors Release condemning ALL of you in leadership for harassing her and that he would have no part of it. 

    Glad you yet again showed your character by calling it "crying" when we asked you guys to be decent. As former friends and people who KNEW her condition well before the war, we came to you to ask you to spare her. A little girl. You couldn't find the decency. Speaks volumes about who you all are.

    Go try to convince some more foolish DT/GK of how great you are you desperate for attention harpy. No one here believes any version of any of your twisted narratives. 
    Your fiction is really immersive.  Btw, you should ask that one new family member of yours what he said to us about quitting the game. The story he put out to you wasn't quite accurate. Ask him if he still has the screens where it was discussed - I do and HE knows it too.  Ego is a bitch when you don't get what you want and you have to make shit up in order to fit in with your little family where lying is an art form. The other individual - that's another funny since that metro was part of the division of property after the HIVE war. Clearly it's okay for MISC to demand property divisions after a war but if it's an internal issue going from one family member to another then blame it on Heart. I don't think i was even a deputy then and I sure as hell didn't have anything to do with it other than trying to talk to the woman to try to broker an amicable transition of property. Yeah that's E-V-I-L.

    As I said, the only conclusion I can draw from your explanation on the little girl with cancer - as opposed to the older gentleman with his own health issues is that it's okay for MISC to troll and terrorize an older sick individual - because well  - idk. Can you explain that to everyone again because I didn't quite understand the distinction. 

    I realize it's convenient for you to demonize me so I'm just going to embrace the evil queen thing. It's super convenient for the poor shmucks who can't afford to drop $5K a weekend to try to "rid the server of KoN's evil influence". My gosh when will these monsters just LEAVE the server and let the nice people play farmville in PEACE already. 

    Adding desperate for attention harpy to my many monikers. Has a nice ring to it. 

    Heartnoir @ usa 1

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    . . . Huge."
  • Nebulous (US1)Nebulous (US1) US1 Posts: 916
    edited 09.04.2019
    smelling like ass and snickers ain't my idea of fun to be honest.

    Some people would disagree... to each their own I guess.  EDIT: no this isn't my room, just found on google images.

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  • hionmentho (US1)hionmentho (US1) US1 Posts: 291
    Don't care enough to quote tbh, but pretty sure there is a distinction between a grown man with cancer and a little girl with cancer.  I'm gonna say one of those two people is more capable of handling certain things, like cancer for example.  Illness aside, even bullying a child who just wants to play a stupid little castle game to try and rustle other adults seems... a lot of words come to mind but I think I'm gonna go with pathetic. 

    I've never met a young kid in this game that was genuinely threatening to anyone, let alone the "mighty KON" which kind of just says it was a rustle tactic at the expense of a child with cancer.  I know most people who play this game aren't really innocent of fudging with other people in a malicious way, but that continues to be the peak story of being trash tier people on GGE.  Cancer jokes can be funny and all, my mom is a survivor of breast cancer even, but whoever said, "dead girls can't open gates" should take a break from GGE and invest in other hobbies like competitive bleach drinking.  

    For as many wonderful people as I've met through this game, a lot of you suck harder than Hion in a men's room at Yankee stadium.  I'm glad I don't play much anymore, lol.  
    They tip really well after the third drink. Don't hate.
  • eckberg (US1)eckberg (US1) US1 Posts: 51
    @irishrfc05 (US1)  
    Can we get a bit of respect for me now.  Not only am I a server police, but I'm also TUs spokesperson.  Bestowed with a whole lot of nothing typed behind the promotions.  It's pretty admirable how she goes on defending Kons actions when evidence has been all over.  But when mnight expertly lays out truth, she responds to myself and others and turns a blind eye to any acceptance.

    Heart, you seem to be getting a little heated with me and anything I care to share.  That's fine, I'm use to being around people who don't like me or my friends (perks of the job displayed in my profile picture in case you want to know personal info about me.  Though you can just ask ) because they're bad people at heart (get it?).  Unlike your members and allies, I prefer to avoid the spoon fed bull crap you've been wasting your energy repeating from Serrys mad ramblings.  I like to look at facts at face value and years of working with your alliance has been the worse years on this game.  You're all venomous bullies who shot louder and louder until everyone is forced to listen to what you want them to believe.  
    I'm glad this war is happening.  I'm glad I'm with my family who have nothing but admirable and the most positive personalities around.  I'm honestly surprised at what a fresh breath of air it is to work with Misc and MU players.  They have this certain something of genuine character without ego or malice.  Something I find few and far between your in your family.  Which I know you'll argue against and everything I'm saying.  Which is fine and understandable.  You can't show weakness or your family will catch on, which is okay.  Just stop trying to argue your lies and what Kon has done.  Own it! Stand tall by your core beliefs! There might be a reason no one on the server who use to be on Kons side during the first war are with you now.  GK and DT decided they were okay with it and have done nothing but lose property and bird away in the game.  Yet of the hundreds of other alliances, only some husks are still with you.  Big oof there.  

    Keep avoiding mnight and truth, I like reading someones insults without the spine to face someone sure of their character.  Can't wait to read your response talking down to me, from your high horse, like a child.  ;)
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  • mnight (US1)mnight (US1) US1 Posts: 1,430

    I'm glad this war is happening.  I'm glad I'm with my family who have nothing but admirable and the most positive personalities around.  I'm honestly surprised at what a fresh breath of air it is to work with Misc and MU players.  They have this certain something of genuine character without ego or malice.  Something I find few and far between your in your family.  Which I know you'll argue against and everything I'm saying.  Which is fine and understandable.  You can't show weakness or your family will catch on, which is okay.
    Feeling is mutual  <3  

    What is most amazing is that the friendship was built on mutual respect and not out of desperation. We throw down for you because to us, allies are family. Breath of fresh air indeed having that reciprocated. :smile:
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  • Keenanxbox (US1)Keenanxbox (US1) US1 Posts: 567
    Most of you know I do not really post, other than on descriptions. I have never been a forum warrior, just one in the game for my alliance and family. I lurk to see what new GGE thrills will be unleashed and to see the latest novel is in the Kingdom fiction section. I have been reading the back and forth and I would like to nominate Mnight for sainthood. 

    I am here to say four things. I guess five if we count my little prologue.

    1. Nothing we have said has ever changed, while the Kingdom soup of the day style pick their lies depending on who they are trying to convince. Better yet, it is like those old choose your adventure books for lies. I for one want to close the book on them.

    2. I will not let anyone lie about their treatment of Ana. It was abusive, intentional and something that adults should have known better to do. Victim blaming, parental blaming, saying anything to take the blame off the Kingdom for them using her as a pawn to get a reaction out of us is something Heartnoir would like to do, but it can not happen. She also can not pretend that she did not know about it or pretend that she had nothing to do with it. Just because she may not have hit her, does not take away from the fact that as a leader she allowed it to happen. She was in the leadership rooms when we asked for a no hit on Ana, and she said to tell her to leave. We will never forget it and I will not discuss this further because she does not deserve to speak of Ana.

    3. I regret letting Heartnoir visit MISC United. The majority vote was no, but I convinced leadership that I wanted to allow her in so that she would not cry that MISC alliances were hiding something. She likes to make up versions of things when she can not face that people may not like her. The idea that she was floating that she was looking for a new alliance because the Kingdom did not appreciate her, no one here cared about. Her new home would have never been with us. 

    4. I am asking that we all ignore Heartnoir. That is why I did not directly speak to her in this post. She deserves none of our time or energy. She is not here for the best interests of her family, as proven she could care less about it. She is putting on a show for Dream Team because they wont survive without them, and their endgame is to get Dream Teams properties into the Kingdom. Lets not give her a venue and get back to the war that the Kingdom started and finish it like Serry dared us all to do. We all know why he picked dare. Truth is not something the Kingdom does.

    SO funny. Several of your members sent me enthusiastic messages and wanted to come visit KoN. The only rattlesnake on this server is Mnight and MISC as your stories change to demonize whoever doesn't toe the line with you. I feel for your current allies. I'm sure they will learn in time just as we did.

    Devvin, you came so close to leaving MISC near the end of the last server war. Too bad you're few moments of independent thought were cut short. Enjoy being a shill for the biggest group of lying scum on the server. 

    So you're telling me serry didnt threaten several top indies who wouldn't toe the line against us?

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