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Kon VS Misc



  • Nebulous (US1)Nebulous (US1) US1 Posts: 916
    heartnoir and negan took away serry's description writing previliges.

    It's about time, the dude can't write a description without swear words and has horrible spelling and grammar.  It caused me physical pain to read it sometimes.
    I'm here to make pretty castles and recruit defense.
  • eckberg (US1)eckberg (US1) US1 Posts: 51
    I honestly appreciate the high quality memes Keenan is making.  It makes the "war" of chipping away at the turtle Kon worth it.
    Also, please don't take Serry's writing privilege, he posts quality rants that'd make the Cash me outsside girl proud.  
    1 mil+ MP players.
    Find 300k MP potatoes.
    Snipe their attack and outers.
    "LOL get gud eventers and pvp like real players!!!"
    Always have worse KD ratios vs equal players.

  • Heartnoir (US1)Heartnoir (US1) US1 Posts: 513

    Hi Eckberg. I still remember when you were a pup and your former alliance had to come begging for help from Its Organic and Serry over a war in which we were outnumbered badly. Think we were all pretty happy that both Organic and Serry helped with that. Glad you've grown up into the fine outstanding player that you are come on the forum and trash the players who helped you, me  and our former alliance out when you were a pup.

    You mean when you and raj left to Kon without hesitation and NC was left to deal with PTR and other alliances hammering away at us?  And it was either join Kon and get their protection or vise versa?  So we helped fight HIVE and their bunch just to lose and be burned out?  Then came the server war where again we just kept getting burned out?  Over and over, I've been in alliances that have helped or joined KoN and it always left a bad taste in my mouth.  And now you've not only started another war with Misc, but dragged your last faithful allies and subs into the ground to fight TU, those who fought on your side in the server war until we were failing as an alliance and came to you guys to ask for our separation instead of just leaving.  Giving you that respect.  Respect now thrown in our faces.

    If you remember me begging for your help at any point, you have twisted your memories something fierce.  I'm glad you've kept being the fine woman that allows Serry, or whomever has his keys (unless he is totally insane) to ramble on the server making a mockery of your family and drag this "war" out as bad as it has gotten.  I can't hold it against you too much, but as someone I knew as a friend, even if it was years ago, I'm disappointed you let that bully use your alliance and shame Organics name and all those who was with KoN until they got used up.  

    I'm not trashing former players.  NCswaagaBeast and razaali3 or idontlikeu28, Captmongy, and many more were the players that helped me back then.  Hard to help when you up and leave in the night without a word.  
    Your recollections are either as shaky as your understanding of the current situation or you're simply choosing to obfuscate to push forward your own propaganda. NC went to KoN for help  long before I left Crew and we all were glad to see some results from that encounter. I never said you begged me for anything  so please don't put words in my mouth. As for leaving an alliance to go play elsewhere I  never hid my desire to play for KoN or what my goals were in this game while i was with Crew. I helped that alliance with my time and rubies. I did as much as I could for Crew as you well know. But that's water under the bridge. 

    And WHO started a war with MISC? One of YOUR (TU)players ran to MISC whilst getting hit by KoN. You all are fighting a war over property that you will NEVER get. Simple as that. Please stop playing the victim and turning this into some high-minded blame game for big-bad KoN. We chose not to gang up on DT with you and MISC and neither of you are very happy about this.

    Heartnoir @ usa 1

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