We are once again looking for some awesome new moderators to help us out with keeping
the forum running and playing a crucial part in our Empire community! If
this is something you think might be of interest to you, HERE




  • Rakan (SKN1)Rakan (SKN1) Posts: 213SKN1
    We deeply apologize for the inconvenience!

    In what way does that help my ranks due to gallantrypoints ????
    Rakan @ skn 1
  • PJH_ (GB1)PJH_ (GB1) Posts: 315GB1
    I guess we have to accept that its a "natural disaster" or "act of god" where GGS can claim some sort of force majeure that developers, developing , can stop people from playing because that is so unforeseeable :wink:

    As has already been pointed out by the moderator team :  there is a way to redress for losses caused by food not being available as you had planned and should be reported to support.... who is hopefully getting over the flu and backlog of all the other problems and won't get too depressed.....

    Hey, its only a game and my losses are limited by the amount of money I'd put into it (a statement of fact, not a suggestion or opinion)
  • PJH_ (GB1)PJH_ (GB1) Posts: 315GB1
    Have to disagree BtM, i wouldn't blame the mod as he's treading the fine line between taking our well based ire for GGS actions (that he can't control) and keeping the things he's been specifically tasked to keep off the board (advocation of not buying rubies with the implication that the game isn't worth the money players put into it) where it can't be directly seen which will please GGS.

    I'm sure it would be much easier to delete and ban than to "moderate" so personally i think he's doing his job (err... volunteer position) admirably by pointing out that if players feel they have lost out by the recent actions, to put in a ticket as that's the only way losses can be addressed.

    Golly, if there were any more people not on this noticeboard it would be very quiet! not a good selling point for developing a player-base.
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