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Event armor

As pretty much all of  you guys know. Armor from the events (nomad, invasions, and samurai) SUCK. They are way too hard to acquire and are only good at specific events. They used to be powerful sets like the invasions had "The Armor of Tnvader", later updated to "The Bloodcrow Treasures" And now have become one armor only good at attacking Barmond, and the other good at the invasions. Players who get these sets can be able to defeat the target and do reasonably well without having to send tools period. In my opinion I find sets useful for npcs useful. But a armor only good at one thing that only comes around once every so often is kinda bad.

This sounds like a good way to give players powerful sets to attack the events. But in the Bloodcrow invasion, it takes 7,500,000 Glory to get a peace of the set. 7,500,000 is ok you can probably do it but you have to do this several times in order to get the full set, not to mention you have to spend upwords of 20 million coins to max out the set. 

What I propose is they can keep these sets in as rewards you can earn easily (once peace per event at say for the invasions 1,000,000 glory, Nomad and samurai for 25,000) and they re implement the crow for the bloodcrow invasion and the invader for the foreign invasion, or even a new set that can be a all rounder like the armor of the Shadow king but it could be a nine peace set. (they could just re-add the nine peace armor of "Kiruga Yoshiro" for the samurai, and different hybrid commander for the Nomad)
All im saying is the armor is only relevant for certain times of the month and will sit in ones inventory till the time is right to use it.
I like this one.  ;)

King clone

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