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Technicus help

Have you ever used the technicus and accidentally spent millions of coins on the wrong armor set? Me too!! 
Right now the technicus is greedy and take anywhere from 25 million to 100 million to max out a armor set. Im fine with it costing a fortune. Unfortunately right now it can be awful if you have a armor set and spend millions on a armor peace with unique gems on it. I had a 2nd apprentice set and accidentally upgraded to +15 the wrong set's artifact with different gems on it then the 1st one and im stuck with it having to grind out a butt ton of coins to upgrade the right set. 

What I propose if having extra details on the armor peaces. EG being able to rename armor peaces. Showing from which set the armor your about to upgrade in the technicus is from. Its not something game changing just a convenience feature.

Thank you
I like this one.  ;)

King clone

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