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Looking for an active Alliance

Hi, I'm an old player. Like really old. Used to play around 6 years ago. Just getting back to the game now and I'm looking for a decent alliance. 

I'm a fun-loving lad. I really enjoy this game. Quit because time constraints and too much politics. That said, I'm really experienced and looking to get pretty strong. Yes, I am a ruby player, but I don't spend my life savings on it, so I only buy now and then. Just looking to have a good time, and looking for a helpful alliance, in which I can grow. Don't want to change alliances every 10 levels. Most of the alliances I've joined are inactive. So looking for a nice bunch of active lads. 

Also you can find me next to the RBC at 721:614 on server UK1. It's Castle Morlanta, in case you want check out my castle. I will be relocating it later on. It's just there for now. I'm just level 18, but that's only for now. I did only start 4 days ago, to be fair. Anyway. Let me know :) 


  • paulyte (GB1)paulyte (GB1) GB1 Posts: 69
    If you left because of the politics, then I'm afraid to say it hasn't gotten any better, or ever will :) , but welcome back!
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