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  • looks like that, those who wasnt in berimond event at all, didnt lost their decorations, and those who were in beri, lost all from storage... 
    Myself and a few members in my alliance have the same problem.
  • Glum Mike (INT1)Glum Mike (INT1) INT1 Posts: 22
    Its the same on Int1, hopfully we dont have to send a ticket to support about it...
  • 777e (LT1)777e (LT1) LT1 Posts: 4
    Hi, I didn't understand where all the decorations went from the warehouse???
  • Heads Up Here On Building Store-house

    I just lost boo koo (about a 100) buildings that were all above 600 PO , and I bought them with cold hard cash , need some help finding them again here ?????

  • GGE, I want all my decos back
  • dandelion1958 (GB1)dandelion1958 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 595
    edited 28.06.2020
    Like the others above all my stored decorationns have Gone !!!

    Edited to tag and even that was Glitched !

    dandelion1958 @ en 1

    Am still playing 6 years on ! - hi lvl 800 on new yrs eve (2017/18) !

    Leading the Targaryens - PS interested in joining - PM any officer in Game :-)

    PS in top200 on uk 1 never botted or used a VPN - that's why it took 5 yrs to get to leg 800
  • illal (US1)illal (US1) US1 Posts: 21
    myself and a bunch in my alliance lost all of their po pieces. the only thing in that storage are the last ones we earned from the bloodcrows. mine were stacked pretty deep. id like to think gge will fix this for everyone.
  • Wow, looks like the specials are broken too. I know that will get immediate attention. While it was nice to not be inundated with your end of the month deals, it would have been nice to see a deal on tools for the current event.
  • BIGTtheMULLER (INT1)BIGTtheMULLER (INT1) INT1 Posts: 2,110
    My sale offer do not open when i click on it , cannot purchase booster, still not sure if that is good or bad
  • sboy777 (US1)sboy777 (US1) US1 Posts: 138
    Did gge stop the ruby building discounts? like when u upgrade one building, u would get a 10% discount on the next one? Im not seeing it now that Im upgrading my drill grounds, and I was counting on that discount.

    sboy777 @ usa 1
  • JYT (US1)JYT (US1) US1 Posts: 832
    Did gge stop the ruby building discounts? like when u upgrade one building, u would get a 10% discount on the next one? Im not seeing it now that Im upgrading my drill grounds, and I was counting on that discount.

    I haven't been seeing those in a long time, only the discounts in offers which cycle through buildings and levels. So afaik, yes.
    @sboy777 (US1)
    The game is no longer defaulting to give the highest level production buildings, the highest percentage workload.

    In my one of my ops, Gourmet Vittles, I have 8 granaries maxed to level 30.    The game is giving 100% production to once of my granaries which is level 25 while one of my level 30 granaries is only getting 42% production.    Of the 8 level 30 granaries, 5 are correct and 3 are not. 
    It might be correct, depends which food improver you have added for the buildings
    Game gives highest production to whichever ones produce the most prior to factoring workload. So base production, productivity, and any extra production from build items.  @ROS59 (US1)
    Discord: JYT#1574
  • Tony C (INT1)Tony C (INT1) INT1 Posts: 41

    plichtspunten in de buitenrijken worden niet gereset. Hoe komen we aan die punten en de beloningen. Los dit op aub, geef ons die punten.
    Sorry if my grammar is trash, im using google translate.

    Dagelijkse punten in Outer Realms worden elke 24 uur vernieuwd. Als je alle taken hebt voltooid, kun je niet meer voltooien totdat ze zijn vernieuwd.

    We all know the daily duty resets each day, but there is a bug where sometimes they don't reset. I have conteacted support for this, when it's happened to me. They say it is a known issue that sometimes affects players. But they have been saying that since last year. It's frustrating when it doesn't reset properly each day as it can make the difference between getting the full daily futy rewards at the end of the event, or not.
    This hasn't happened to me in the current Outer Realms, but it did the previous one, plus 3 or 4 times in the past.
    Sometimes if you are lucky and log a ticket, support will do some kind of manul reset, but the last time support only replied 5 days later by which time the event was just finishing...

    Tony C @ WWW 1
  • matt71 (AU1)matt71 (AU1) AU1 Posts: 12
    a player in my team cannot open blacksmith and is also missing  the 3 barrows of bonus res in her main castle ,
    any ideas on how to fix?
    matt71 @ au 1
  • YEOMANS (GB1)YEOMANS (GB1) GB1 Posts: 6
    I cant see the upper section of either the attack or defense set up screens ie no information on troops or defense tools. I am not sending attacks on a randon basis. Get It Sorted PLEASE. I know others are having the same problem

  • Hands up (GB1)Hands up (GB1) GB1 Posts: 233

    When I try and spin the wheel of fortune the button goes grey straight away and I can't stop the wheel.

  • Herc7407 (US1)Herc7407 (US1) US1 Posts: 26
    no esp report is available for the Courtyard.
    Server lags continuously 
    Its unbelievable that a game that has been played for as long as empires cannot seem to get the bugs out of the programming. 7 years I've been playing this game and it worse now than its ever been!
    Herc7407 @ usa 1
  • Same as Herc7407

    My Foreign Castles don't show the full spy report.  Can't see the courtyard, to know what troops are there, or what strength they have.
    MacGregor77 @ usa 1
  • flug (NL1)flug (NL1) NL1 Posts: 868
    robber castles aren't burning while they are burning 
    in attack screen castle isn't visible

    flug @ nl 1
  • pallas (GB1)pallas (GB1) GB1 Posts: 3
    Hello Everyone!

    I am Rainbow Brite; a bug huntress for the glorious 'Goodgame: Empire'! Some of you may remember me on the forums from quite some time ago now, well, now I am back and ready to try to help you guys with any issues you may be having from a bug-perspective! So quickly before you post anything, please read below: 

    The intention of this thread is to help you, the players, by answering questions, having discussions and also verifying potential bugs or problems you may be experiencing.
    I will communicate relevant information directly to you guys as and when I receive the information myself via this thread.
    This thread is intended for English-speaking players, however if you want to post your problem here in English from another server, that is no problem at all! 

    I want you guys to feel like you can discuss freely about Empire in this thread, however, this thread will not tolerate abuse towards other players/forum users nor towards Goodgame Studios employees and moderators. Should there be any abuse of this kind seen in this thread, the user responsible should be prepared for a possible ban on their account.

    Apart from that, have fun! Enjoy Empire! And get in touch if I can be of help to you! 

    - Rainbow Brite

  • pallas (GB1)pallas (GB1) GB1 Posts: 3
    hi, i hope you can help, i cant see any of my castles when trying to set defence tool
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