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    Can anyone confirm if you can upgrade private rv's after you buy them.  I.e. can you buy a level 1 and upgrade to level 2, etc.  Or are you stuck with what you buy?
    My best guess, but don't take my word for it since I have never bought a private rv before is that you buy a private rv at a certain level and upgrade it until it reaches level 15 or wait until you have saved enough tokens to get the 100 tokens for maximum level private rv. Another theory is get a lower level private rv, but abandon it perhaps after you have saved enough tokens to get a maximum level private rv. If I remember correctly there is an option to abandon private rvs as well if that private rv is no longer needed.
    Whoever laughed at my comment can you prove that I am wrong? Correct me if I am wrong. Important to take note I mentioned two possibilities and not just one and if I am wrong that a private rv can not be abandoned then prove it. True that no troops can be held within a private rv, but it does not necessarily have to be permanent. What I meant by "abandon" is "disposed of" or in other words dropped without anyone else being able to claim it, because of it being private. While it may not necessarily be a good idea to drop a maximum level private rv it could also be dropped if I am not mistaken.
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    Anyone know where you buy the private rv?
    Is this just unlocked when you buy the tokens?
    I can see where to buy the tokens but not the actual village.
    Private RV purchase / private RV upgrade. In a land where there are RV's, go to top item on Governance tab...

    Shows you both public and private RV's - each type (food/wood/stone) on a different tab so be on right tab to see the private RV you want to up grade or buy correct type! 
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  • can't station troops in the prv's  and the new layout doesn't allow us to see rv identity without a lot of clicking around  -  imo,  this has been a clumsy and negative development for active players  -  the prv's just give a resource/food boost -  and take away yet another strategic aspect of the game.  Sadly we are losing more and more of the original strategy challenges that made this game so good in the beginning.  Where is the challenge is buying troops/food/rvs   ?
    Alongside the persistent and interrupting popups,  the loss of game challenge is a very negative step indeed.
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    Good job you can't station troops in Private RV's....gotta be some reason for the old ones to remain a valuable commodity and not totally undermine existing holdings and keep some sort of balance for everyone.

    the Catch22 is that there aren't enough RV's about for new players because, like all good pyramid schemes, there needs to be enough & constant new players coming in  to keep up the supply (and on some servers there isn't) : so players feel they can't develop and/or get put off by the behaviors around RV's and then that adds up to part of the reason they don't stay

    If the few players that come in find they can't get any because the "old" public RV's get held on to by alliances (using fair means or foul) keeping the existing supply buttoned up. This development at least allows smaller alliances/newer players the chance of developing without having a significant gameplay avenue denied to them almost completely.
  • I don't understand the token costs in samurai and nomad invasions.  I get that you can only get 45 tokens per iteration of the events, but what is the difference between the 100 and 300 tablet tokens.  

    The descriptions in the samurai and nomad shops is vague and non-informative, as is the custom with other descriptions in 
    GGE's game.
  • Consider the 300 ones, as a speed tax.  You want them fast, you gotta pay.  Otherwise no difference.
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    That is what makes Fuji's argument paper thin.  My experience the gap just got a whole lot bigger as you were telling me it would close.  

    Looking at how it works it is going to take a long long time for resource players to get anywhere near a full set equivalent to what ruby buyers can achieve.  I had earned sets in all three realms I have none of the new ones in any realms.  So what is already a massive food deficit is now pretty much insurmountable hard to imagine other than money why a designer would do something to further demotivate and demoralise an already dispirited player base looking at yet more suspensions of cheats whose alliances get off scott free yet again.  
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  • My opinion on rv or prv is when you reach a high level in game, you only need food rvs 

    maybe there was an argument to have many rv surrounding your main, to stop fast attacks, that has now gone, so no need now, because i search for perfection all saw mills stone  quarrys and there buildings have all been deleted to make room for high deco.s

    so unless they make them super RV i moved on from them, but still live in hope for new cast from shapeshifter , just anther gge  promise broken
  • Personally I like the private rv's hopefully in the long term it will put an end to the likes of crimson guard concocting a conspiracy theory and then using it as an excuse to nick any rv's they take a fancy to.
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  • In my view, it would have been better to implement  a cool down time on castles, linked to level (=time to repair) for PvP, unless there is a mutual declaration of war.

    Forget 101 kit sets. Stick to the basic 4 types of kit and let people figure out the best combinations for different jobs.

    Have an RV night once a month in each realm - or to make it fair, have 3 periods in 24 h when 1/3 of RVs go to grass.
    We could then have the  fun mayhem of lab night, on a much larger scale.

    Instead, pathetic questionnaires and poor mangement lead to degradation of the gaming experience. I wouldn't be surprised to discover that Chris Grayling MP has been moonlighting on the game's development strategy...

    Still waiting for someone to identify an good alternative, then I will be off.


  • Buying the private villages just sounds like a GGE Ruby pit!!!!  The RVs are or were free if you could cap them .Everyone is saying,OHHHHHHHH the big alliances have captured all of the free RVs Why can't gge just make more free RVs rather than selling them to you!!!
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    Buying the private villages just sounds like a GGE Ruby pit!!!!  The RVs are or were free if you could cap them .Everyone is saying,OHHHHHHHH the big alliances have captured all of the free RVs Why can't gge just make more free RVs rather than selling them to you!!!
    the Rv's spawn depending on the number of players entering a realm - on uk1 we have not seen a spawn in over 2 years - might be 3 due to the number of players going to ruins - looting over xmas showed only 3k actives !!!

    Edit PS the private rv's can be bought for tokens earned in the sams or nomads ! so no ruby spend needed ! :wink:
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    Am still playing 6 years on ! - hi lvl 800 on new yrs eve (2017/18) ! better than fireworks :-)

    Leading the Targaryens - what have i done to upset the war gods ? less playing time more writing time :-s

    PS interested in joining - PM our recruiter or any officer in Game :-)

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    ...... looting over xmas showed only 3k actives !!!
    just for context.... that was a high for the UK/English language server, not a low!!!
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