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November Update Notes

BM FujiwaraBM Fujiwara Posts: 575

Brave Warriors,

November has arrived and with it an exciting new feature that will change the landscape of the Great Empire forever: The Kingdom’s League!

The league is scheduled to be available across all servers from the beginning of January 2019, though it is planned for some selected servers to test the feature during December. Exact dates and times will be announced in the coming weeks.

Along with the Kingdom’s League, we have many other new additions to take a look at, so let’s jump right into the details of this month’s update!


Armies from the neighboring realms lay siege to the Great Empire - it’s time for the brave warriors of the land to draw their swords and defend their lands. Each season of the Kingdom’s League provides castle lords with the opportunity to slay the invading hordes, rise above their rival castle lords and earn rewards of rare value.

Each season of the Kingdom’s League consists of three major components:

  • Division rankings
  • Kingdom titles
  • Season rankings

League seasons consist of a number invasion events during which players can collect points, earn medals, and receive valuable rewards. Each league season lasts a predetermined number of invasion event days. Each day an invasion event is active, a day is deducted from the league’s season runtime.

  • The first season of the Kingdom’s League will feature the following invasion events:
  • Nomad Invasion (+ Khan)
  • Samurai Invasion
  • War of the Realms
  • War of the Bloodcrows

Every player above level 10 is automatically added to the Kingdom’s League rankings, so all you have to do is concentrate on dispatching your enemies on the battlefield!


During each invasion event of a league season, you will be placed into a division with other players via a matchmaking process. You can improve your standing within the division by collecting points during the active event. Each day, you will receive a medal depending on your division ranking - the better your rank, the better the medal.

Medals are used to improve your kingdom title, with each new title earning you rewards and improving the pool of rewards available to you at the end of each invasion event.

At the end of each event, divisions will be reset and players will receive event rewards based on their kingdom title. When the next league event starts, players will be matched into new divisions. 


Your kingdom title defines your progress during the entire Kingdom’s League season and determines the value of the rewards you will receive throughout the event. 

You can improve your title by collecting medals in the division rankings. The better the medal, the more it will contribute towards your next title. Once you have collected enough medals for each title threshold, you will earn a new title.

There are 21 kingdom titles in total. Each title you achieve will immediately earn you kingdom title rewards, so don’t ease up on the battlefield until you have reached the reached the top!


The season rankings measure your success over the course of an entire Kingdom’s League season. This ranking contains players from all divisions, sorted according to their kingdom title, with your final season ranking determining the value of your final season rewards. Players with the same title are sorted according to the total number of gold medals they have collected during the league season, then silver medals, then bronze medals.

To qualify for the season rankings, you must earn at least one gold medal during the current Kingdom’s League season.

Once a Kingdom’s League season comes to an end, season rewards will be awarded to all eligible players, kingdom titles and season rankings will be reset and the people of the Great Empire can prepare themselves for a new season, which will begin soon after!


During each season of the Kingdom’s League, players can purchase special season passes which unlock additional rewards.

Active season passes unlock the following rewards:

  • Additional kingdom title rewards - previously locked rewards from titles achieved before the pass was purchased will also be awarded
  • Additional event end rewards for each kingdom title - rewards from previous invasion events will not be awarded

Once purchased, season passes remain active for the remainder of the current Kingdom’s League season but will expire as soon as the season is over. The price of the season pass depends on remaining season runtime.


As the chill winds of November sweep across the empire, rumors of demonic beasts stalking the wild lands spread through the castle. It’s time for another collector event!

Following on from the Reaper’s Wrath event, we are excited to announce the coming of the Winter’s Prey event, during which valuable new rewards and castle skins are available for castle lords brave enough to loot pelts from their enemies. As with the previous collector event, you won’t lose any troops or resources when attacking or defending against your enemies, nor will your castle suffer any burn damage. With this in mind, you really have no reason not to wreak havoc on your rivals and loot all the pelts you can get your hands on!

Look-item artifact: Hunting knife

Castle Skins

You will be able to purchase them with rubies, as well as via the event rewards for pelts. They are only cosmetic skins though, which means, that there will be no stats bonuses for them. Those new castle skins are permanent, but you can't slot them with gems.

New Samurai Commander: Kiruga Yoshiro

We will add a new commander to our Samurai Invasion event! The Set will be called “Kiruga Yoshiro” and you can find the detailed effects and set effect in the section below!

Muramasa-Dou: (Armor)

+27% later army detection

-18% enemy wall protection

-24% enemy moat protection

Sai of Yoshiro:


-21% enemy moat protection

-16% enemy gate protection

-25% enemy wall protection

Face of Okami  (Helmet)

-15% enemy gate protection

+19% later army detection

+22% army travel speed

Ornamental Kabuto of the Muramasa (Artifact)

-15% enemy wall protection

+22% army travel speed

-12% enemy gate protection

Neikan Yoshiro (Hero)

+10%combat strength when attacking enemy courtyards

+15% combat strength when attacking the courtyard of enemy castle lords

+10% unit limit on the flanks

Stone of the betrayer

+10% unit limit on the flanks

+10% later army detection

-10% enemy wall protection

Rise of the fire bird

+10%combat strength when attacking enemy courtyards

-5% enemy gate protection

+20% glory points earned when attacking

Stone of the hunter

+10%combat strength when attacking enemy courtyards

-15% enemy moat protection

+20% glory points earned when attacking

Tomb of the fire bird

+10% unit limit on the flanks

+20% glory points earned when attacking

+10% army travel speed

Set Bonus:

-20% enemy gate protection

+20% resources plundered when looting

+10% unit limit on the flanks

+90% combat strength for melee units

+90% combat strength for ranged units

+25%combat strength when attacking enemy courtyards

NEW DETHRONE FEATURE - Foreign/Bloodcrow Castle Reroll

The new dethrone feature will address a topic that has been widely discussed in the community for a long time: the number of castle defenders during the War of the Realms/Bloodcrows events!

The dethrone feature now allows players to exile or fortify the castle lords of Foreign and Bloodcrow castles to provide greater challenges and richer rewards on the battlefield.

Fortifying or exiling castle lords using the new dethrone feature provides the chance of improving the quality of your enemies’ armies by reinforcing their defenses with special reinforcement units. While exiling a castle lord will grant between +20-500 additional defenders to their castle, fortifying an enemy castle will grant between +520-1000 additional defenders. 

Exiling will cost you either coins, khan tablets, khan medals and/or samurai tokens (you can choose with which you want to pay), while fortifying can be done with rubies.

Each successive “dethroning” will increase the costs of the additional actions. For example, if your first action costs 24,000, the second one will cost, 48,000, and the third 72,000, etc.


We have expanded and improved our in-game event shops, specifically those relating to the Nomad/ Khan invasions, Samurai invasions, Attack of the Shapeshifters and the castle’s loyal armorer, with items such as the Heritage of the North commander set (previously only available during the Ice Championship event) now available!

Other additions have also been added, so be sure to check out the event shops to discover what’s new!

New rewards for the Royal Quest

  • You can win a new decoration in the next royal quest campaign, it is called The Scorpion (PO 340) which symbolizes another Zodiac sign.

The plan is to release this update next week (maybe on November 22nd). We will start with the update procedure early in the morning between 9:00 CET and 13:00 CET. The downtime is expected to be around 30-60 minutes long. Of course, food and booster will be frozen during that longer downtime. But as always, do not take the aforementioned times as guaranteed, be aware of possible delays due to unforeseen circumstances.

Your Empire Family

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  • BM FujiwaraBM Fujiwara Posts: 575
    Fierce warriors,

    we just wanted to let you know and assure you, that we'll proceed with the implementation of our November update today as planned!

    As usual, both your food and boosters will be frozen during the duration of our downtime.

    Best regards,
    Your Empire Family
    fujiwara @ en-1
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