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Discussion Thread: Our new in-game announcement tool!



  • bernhardt (US1)bernhardt (US1) Posts: 662US1
    I had to laugh today when I logged on here.  Today they could have used this new tool to actually inform players that there was a bug in the game for the people who bought the monthly subscription.  I wouldn't have minded this as an announcement because it's something that is for at least some players benefit.  Instead the bug announcement is here in the forums(that only a small percentage read), and we get the standings/results of the latest flawed server vs server "event."
  • That fancy tool of yours made my browser session freeze in the middle of an attack, so I had to refresh, just to get another update of the totally uninteresting Winter Knight thing. 

    I've tried to say 'Don't show again' but somehow somebody thinks that even if the result from day n isn't interesting the results from day n+1 will be. 

    Nobody cares about events they can't influence, and even if I'd been playing 24/7, buying all the rubies in the world it wouldn't make any difference to the result for our server. That would only work if most did, and they don't.

    So please remove this hopeless tool and skip the server vs server events.
    Trjunk @ skn 1
  • Philt123 (GB1)Philt123 (GB1) Posts: 1,669
    It kinda depends what the announcement is for if its for some imaginary inter server competition that only actually sounds like a good idea in the mind of some developer, then no keep it to yourself.  

    The fact that most of the people playing the game have no clue that such a competition even exists, isnt going to be helped by an announcement.  You have had the feedback by many many players, that unless you can get into a suituation where you can produce real time IN GAME tables so all players can go in look how they are doing in the event or how the server is doing in the event then you are totally and utterly wasting everyones time.  Please get the hint and drop the idea OR get someone in with the ability to program the event properly in game.

    Once you have actually done that you then need to work on a scoring system that can fairly compare server to server.  As the reality is you currently dont.  Then you need to make sure the scoring in the events cant be manipulated, which you currently dont!  So by all means when you have done all that tell me about your new super event, but whilst ever it remains as it is then please dont bother spamming my screen.  

    If you want to tell me about something thats actually relevent to me then sure but better still is the option that is like a news inbox that shows you when i new message is put in there, then players can go in their at a time that suits them.

    Philt123 @ en 1
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