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Introducing: Our new in-game announcement tool!

BM FujiwaraBM Fujiwara Posts: 575
edited 12.11.2018 in Update Announcements

Fierce warriors,

As you know, our game keeps on progressing with each passing year, month and day in many ways.
We always try to improve the game and also our communication on multiple levels and today we want to announce such an improvement to you, which will enable us to not only inform you, being the community members here on our forum, but all our players in the game as well:

We've been working on this technical solution for contacting our players directly in our game for a longer time now and what this announcement tool does might seem pretty simple, but it's a very important concern for us, because we want reach out and inform as many players as we can:

This message above will be one of many examples of what we'd be able to do with our announcement tool.

This tool focuses on informing all of our players in-game as best as we can and messages such as the one shown above will pop up either with your first login and/or when they're activated and you're already playing the game.

This is a huge success for our personal goals of getting into contact with our players and we really look forward in using this awesome tool, in order to keep you updated at all times! Tools like these are really a rare sight to behold in any type of browser game and we are very proud to be able to inform you in the future about everything that's Empire, via our new announcement tool!

You can discuss this further in the relevant discussion thread - looking forward to hearing your thoughts about how best to use this exciting new feature!

We wish you all the best!

Best regards,

Your Empire Family

fujiwara @ en-1
fujiwara @ us-1

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