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Khan cool down

Anyone have an idea how this works. It does seem somewhat random. Sometimes it goes up, then it goes down all of a sudden. Today is hyperinflation day, I am up to 23 h, which makes this part of the game more or less unplayable.

Same with the size of the Khan attacks. At times he seems to mount a respectable effort, though only on one wall, then he seems to get tired and just slings 260 at you time and again.


  • Herveus (AU1)Herveus (AU1) Posts: 10,806AU1
    It keeps going up every hit but resets when it levels up and at midnight as well

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  • Thanks, just got to wait for pumpkin time then :)
  • Well not quite,  the cooldown time does not change until the first time after the reset.  So if 12 hours of cooldown are left, you still have wait the 12 hours or spend time skips (or rubies) to eliminate it.
    kookiekooks @ usa 1
  • True, you do have to 'serve your time' then it goes down! 
  • Thats so bad to wait or to skip sooo much time skips. and any idea about reset the khan cooldown timing?
  • Well if you hit the camps you get plenty of skips, though of course RSI remains a problem :)
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