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Grumpy Toolwasters



  • hionmentho (US1)hionmentho (US1) US1 Posts: 291
    wow atty rekt
  • Dougie buddy.  You seem to have a selective memory.  How about posting all your BRs of you getting wrecked?  Didn't you have a KT?  I'll do you a solid...I'm about to attack you fire in about 5 mins.   Will you defend, doubtful...?
    Atticus Finger @ usa 1

  • I'll be back in 3 hours and 25 mins...
    Atticus Finger @ usa 1
  • Atticus Finger (US1)Atticus Finger (US1) US1 Posts: 90
    edited 10.12.2018
    That's cute.  You're deflecting.  You should up your troll game. 

    BTW natty tools have been up for about a week.  You shouldn't have to tool burn before attacking anymore.  Defense will sit there its all yours for the taking....The world wants to know will the Dougie attack.

    I'll give credit where credit it due.  The one where I was actually around to defend.  I didn't check the m/r slider.  Good job.  You got me...You still poo.
    Post edited by Atticus Finger (US1) on
    Atticus Finger @ usa 1
  • Oh yeah...speaking of selective memory.  When are you going to post the two PMs of you asking me for a truce, "no hit," in fire?  We wouldn't want to ruin your forum warrior rep, if those came out.... 
    Atticus Finger @ usa 1

  • Atticus Finger @ usa 1
  • Anyone want to take a guess where those fires came from...??!!??
    Atticus Finger @ usa 1
  • On my way Dougie...
    Atticus Finger @ usa 1

  • 3 hour plus warning and still no defend.  You always seem to disappoint, Dougie.   Just a heads up Dougie if you tool burn, then attack me at 4am...which seems to be your usual.  I'll be asleep. I like my sleep. Work on your troll game and get back to me...
    Atticus Finger @ usa 1
  • Qahnaarin (US1)Qahnaarin (US1) US1 Posts: 29
    Wait wot, Doug the eventer from RU can actually hit? I, I don't know what to say... 
  • Qahnaarin (US1)Qahnaarin (US1) US1 Posts: 29
    But in all seriousness, you can't really give AF a hard time for those reports, Doug. I got a couple good hits on him too while he was busy with your mother.

  • Wait wot, Doug the eventer from RU can actually hit? I, I don't know what to say... 
    I’ve never been an eventer, it’s the main reason I left RU. But to be honest a bot could give atty a run for his money 
       Douginator @ usa1
  • Atticus Finger (US1)Atticus Finger (US1) US1 Posts: 90
    edited 11.12.2018
    I can't tell if that's a cut down or a compliment, but i do love a good mother or two...

    BTW your cool down in fire expires in 8mins.  See you in a few.
    Atticus Finger @ usa 1

  • You've got time to waste on the forums, but not enough to defend...
    Atticus Finger @ usa 1
  • Fair enough, although in 6 pages hardly any of the conversation that has been had is about tool wasting. IDK about others but I for one would much rather look at BRs, regardless of who they belong to than reading any of the braincell loss enducing garbage YourBloodyBase has posted on this thread.
    Happy Holidays @DouginatoR (US1) try @ me next time you want to play with the big boys. I ma just chill over here and watch MISC continue to run you over from over here. I could muster up a couple of hits maybe drop a 50 piece or two. But, I am going to enjoy some eggnog have a puff or two. And, I am good. Don't even know why you even bring me into all this I haven't played in a month almost. Might get bored later and who knows apparently that war with MISC and Grumpy is still going on. And, @DouginatoR (US1) is the only one left fighting in it. I think at this point MISC is kicking a dead horse.

    But, I guess when a low-level board pleb wants to fire shots he's gotta aim high to get some special attention "I see what you did there." LoL.

    Current Member of The Un~Forgiven (Self Appointed Propagandist)
    Former Proud Member of HITMEN(formerly know as Grumpy Hitmen)
    Former Proud Member of The Ninja Pack, Rastafarians, Rustlin' Jimmies, KingdonOfDeath and Strike Force
    Proud former Recruiter for The Ninja Pack - Crimson Warriors
    And, a very brief Period Of Time in Neph Reapers(Please don't tell The MISC)

    Making a run for first and your...
    Then You...

    HIVE Club leader and Creator

    GGE Courting Methods
    Well at least. She Posted on my wall.

    I am also a self-appointed GGE historian. Back in the day, I was in the Original "Honey Badgers". Until it became part of the fellowship. And, my character fell into ashes over a long hospital stay. And, the use of "xXx" at the beginning and end of the of your name was removed along with my Character. I've been here from the Start B***hes.

  • Say it aint so Dougie Doug?
    Atticus Finger @ usa 1
  • I think its funny you are all  upset about our lack of defending/attacking. 

    What do you expect? 

    Its what? 600 to 1 at this point?

    We have to be smarter with our troops then you because we have a lot less. 

    Now I will let you get back to your bragging about how tough you are.

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