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October Update Notes (Content Package)

BM FujiwaraBM Fujiwara Posts: 575
edited 21.11.2018 in Update Announcements

Fierce warriors,

this month's update celebrates the arrival of a somewhat more spooky and scary season and this content package is really thrilling indeed:
There will be plenty of new additions coming to our game, an entirely new Halloween-themed event, and on top of that, we'll also have the previously announced improvements to our Decoration Forge!

But let's not keep you in the dark any longer and shed some light on what is going to await you in our upcoming October Update!  


"Summer is over, yet Autumn has come 
and this years October will be second to none! 
The nights are getting longer and darkness ensues, 
but oh boy have you heard about our spy's latest news: 

Being brought back to life, the dead seem to rise! 
They may look normal to you, but they're cloaked in disguise.
They're roaming our lands, hunting for souls so sweet, 
in an event true to the motto of the known "trick or treat"! 

So you'd better be prepared and think good about your path,
for you might face your doom during 'The Reaper's Wrath'!"  

Halloween is not only prone to rhymes, but also one of the year's most celebrated events. That's why this year we are also going to have a dedicated Halloween-event in our Great Empire fittingly named "The Reaper's Wrath". 

We provided you with a short overview of this event in the "Our Plans for Q4 2018"-thread, but now it's time to showcase this event to you. 
This thrilling event will run from the 24th of October until the 31st of October! 

During "The Reaper's Wrath" you'll join the dead in their hunt for souls: 
  • You'll receive a specific amount of a new event specific currency - called "souls" - with each passing day of the event 
  • You'll be able to actually steal a specific amount of said souls from other players as well, to further increase your own amount of souls
  • The total amount of souls at the end of this event will determine your end reward (the more, the better) 
  • There will be no top rewards, only activity rewards in this event!
  • This event will also have a shop (which you will see in the screenshot below)
    • You will be able to buy special decorations, with Fusion Level 52 + 350 Public Order (29,999 rubies) and Fusion Level 30 + 250 Public Order (2000 rubies) 
    • You can also buy the look item "Ring of ruin", which turns your castle into a truly thrilling Fortress, so called Soul snatchers which enable you to get retrieve your collected souls immediately (without delay), etc. 


New Castle Skins - The Reaper's Wrath

As mentioned before there will be new skins for your castles in our great Empire, coming with this event and their scary looks will truly strike fear into your enemies hearts!!!

Look-item artifact: Ring of ruin

Castle Skins

You will be able to purchase them with rubies, as well as via the event rewards for 30.000 souls. They are only cosmetic skins though, which means, that there will be no stats bonuses for them. Those new castle skins are permanent, but you can't slot them with gems.

New Construction Item Appearances

On top of our "The Reaper's Wrath" castle skins, you'd also be able to get new construction item appearances for your keep and your storage as well: 
  • Keep Construction Item Appearance: 

  • Storage Construction Item Appearance: 

New rewards for the Royal Quest

  • You can win a new decoration in the next royal quest campaign, it is called The Scorpion (PO 340) which symbolizes another Zodiac sign.

The plan is to release this update on the 23th of October 2018. We will start with the update procedure early in the morning between 9:00 AM CEST and 11:00 AM CEST. The downtime is expected to be around 30 minutes long. Of course, food will be frozen during that longer downtime. But as always, do not take the aforementioned times as guaranteed, be aware of possible delays due to unforeseen circumstances.

Your Empire Family

fujiwara @ en-1
fujiwara @ us-1

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  • BM QueenBBM QueenB Posts: 201
    Fierce warriors, 

    we will have to delay the October Update release for today a bit. 

    This delay in our plan is due to some checks we're currently doing for the update elements that are going to be implemented by this update. 
    Those checks are necessary in order to provide you with an update that's as smooth as possible. 

    We deeply apologize for this delay and will inform you again on this matter, once we got more information in this regard. 

    Best regards, 
    Your Empire Family
  • BM QueenBBM QueenB Posts: 201
    Fierce warriors, 

    we got an update for the October Update release for you: 

    It is currently planned to start with the update procedure between ~12:30  and 14:00 CEST.
    The downtime is expected to be around 30 minutes and of course, food will be frozen during that longer downtime.

    Please excuse us for this delay of our update and thank you very much for your patience! 

    Your Empire Family   

  • BM FujiwaraBM Fujiwara Posts: 575
    Fierce warriors, 

    our "Reaper's Wrath" event has now officially started! Together with an amount of souls you'll also receive a special item at at the beginning of the event which will increase your collected amount of stolen souls by 5% in form of a gift. We wanted to provide all of our players with this item in order to give you all a jump start for our event! You'll be able to claim the gift from 13:00 CEST today until Thursday, the 25th (tomorrow) 12:59 CEST.   

    We also got some more additions to our "Reaper's Wrath" FAQ-Overview (frequently asked questions):

    Q.: Is it possible to support my alliance members if they receive an event-attack during the "Reaper's Wrath"
    A.: Yes, you will be able to support and help your fellow alliance members in their defense to fend of special event-attacks in our "Reaper's Wrath" event. 

    Q.: Is there a maximum amount of event-attacks per day?
    A.: No, there won't be a maximum amount of event-attacks per day!  

    We also need to adjust one of our previous questions/answers due to a misunderstanding that occurred in our communication, which deals with the amount of stolen souls per attack:
    Per special event attack you'd be able to steal three tenths (3/10) of your opponents amount of souls. This means that if your enemy would have 1.000 souls in total, then you'd be able to steal 300 souls from him. So no, you'd not be able to steal all souls of your enemies with one single swoop.   
    In fact you're able to steal up to three tenths (30%) of your opponents amount of souls as a maximum loot amount per event-attack. The default amount of stolen souls per event-attack is actually 5% of the total amount of souls from your enemies. So based on our previous example of 1.000 souls, this would mean that you'd receive a standard (minimum) amount of 50 (5% of 1.000) souls for the event-attack, whereas the maximum lootable amount would be 300 (30% of 1.000).

    We will keep on updating this FAQ with additional questions, which focus on our "Reaper's Wrath" event and we thank you very much for your participation in our feedback channels here on the forum thus far! 

    Best regards,
    Your Empire Family 
    fujiwara @ en-1
    fujiwara @ us-1

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