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Nail Biter

I just saw the halloween monthly event with my own eyes and i don't ever want to see it again. Delete it off the map, i don't care, it's awful, lol. 

No halloween attack/defence tools
No halloween attackers/defenders
No halloween equipment set

Not even any halloween decoration, instead they give us an another garden of meditation like we already don't have plenty of those already. 

The only thing they have is a halloween interface and a halloween name. 
But none of that makes any sense since the rewards are a copy paste of the previous monthly event, it's all just confusing and misleading. 

The developers have usually always given the halloween event a little extra thought. I liked the halloween monthly event and what it was because it was something more unique and refreshing that they gave us every year. 

I'm very disappointed to see that they decided to throw everything out of the window this year. 
They could have just launched the older version of the nail biter event (and just replaced the equipments?) Or is that too much to ask for or too difficult to do? At least something like that would be more appreciated than what we got now which is essentially just one big bowl of soup. 


No, i don't play on GB1. 


  • Wylka_TeamWylka_Team Moderator Posts: 53
    Greetings @Zenzer (GB1)

    this October's long term point event is indeed differing a bit from the previous ones, yet there will be something special coming up this Halloween. 

    As announced in the "Our plans for Q4 2018" thread under "Trick or Souls - Halloween is approaching!", we will actually have an event coming up this month, which will be specifically dedicated to Halloween, in form of our "Reaper's wrath" event. This event will focus on the hunt for the most souls, which you'd be able to steal from other players. 

    So we got something special for you this Halloween and we will present the "Reaper's Wrath" event in our next update information, which is expected to be released during the course of next week. 

    Best regards,

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