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Lets talk about commanders.

The events that are currently going. Blood Crows, Shape Shifters, Storm, and Berimond.

I have 21 commanders (maximum).

I use 10 commanders for Blood Crows.
I use 5 commanders for Shape Shifters.
I use 2 commanders for Berimond.
Total of 17 commanders tied up in the 3 events.

This leaves 4 commanders (21 -17 = 4) to hit towers in four lands while making long trips to hit Sand Forts, Storm Forts, and Fire Dragons (I do not hit the Ice forts).

If GGE is going to stack multiple events that take up loads of commander time then we need more commanders. I have VIP commanders but they are only useful for moving troops/tools, sending support etc. (which I did not include in my use of commanders totals above) since they are not able to wear equipment. I also did not include PVP since it varies widely. GGE keeps sending commander set after commander set of equipment at us. I have close to 20 complete commander sets SITTING IN STORAGE with no commander to use them.
I guess my conclusion is that we need more commanders to meet the events/ every day hits that maintain a high level of play on this game. If this is unreasonable, give us less events and find something beside equipment to win in the monthly events or watch people quit playing events as the rewards are become useless to them.
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  • zeus1998 (GB1)zeus1998 (GB1) Posts: 356GB1
    With the amount of commanders available to us nowadays they may as well open it up for a few more levels on the encampment and see how that goes. 

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  • Zenzer (GB1)Zenzer (GB1) Posts: 2,646GB1
    edited 08.10.2018
    To be honest, i don't have much hope in that the developers will ever fix this commander mess. 
    The developers have screwed it up so much to the point where it's beyond saving. Whatever they do at this point will just create even more problems, or just make more people get pissed off and leave the game. 

    GGS are better when it comes to creating problems than actually finding good solutions for them. 

    No, i don't play on GB1. 

  • more commanders is a good idea not for work or loot just to be able to use all of our sets.  I have +30 full sets but I can use only 21 why? every set cost ton of coins and work 
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