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Our Plans for Q4 2018 Poll ( October 2018 )

BM QueenBBM QueenB Posts: 200
Dear Player ,
Please read Our Plans for Q4 2018 post and give us your feedback .

Plans for October 2018

Two New Time-limited Events for Empire: Four Kingdoms

  • The Four Kingdoms will get two well-known but yet new events, the original Samurai Invasion and the War of the Bloodcrows!

  • This is part of our efforts to bring both our games into parity in terms of features, providing you with the same compelling experience both on browser and mobile.

  • The current Samurai Invasion will be replaced with the new one. You have to defeat Samurai camps and gain Samurai tokens as loot which can be used to get awesome rewards. The War of the Bloodcrows will be similar to our War of the Realms (and the old Samurai Invasion), these castles will be based on the armies and defenses of lords and ladies from other servers. The glory you can win during this event will earn you valuable prizes.

Trick or Souls - Halloween is approaching!

  • Watch out, there’s a special Halloween Player versus Player event coming (for us)!

    • You will be able to steal special Halloween currencies - called souls - from each other!

    • Event rewards will depend on the number of collected souls (the higher the better)

    • As a defender, you won’t lose any troops, but your “souls” can be stolen by the attacker!

Further Implementations:

  • Attacks Autofill Revamp

    • The new autofill will allow you to customize the maximum strength of tools used by the system, giving you the option to choose the highest tool category you want to use, such as wood, premium, elite and event tools.

  • We are going to implement certain filters in Empire which will help you to navigate faster:

    • There will be filters for your Attack Screen-, as well as a new filter for your Equipment Screen

  • We have also received a lot of feedback regarding how sabotages are currently handled. Thus, we will limit the amount of sabotages that can be done to improve your quality of life in our games.

  • Based on your feedback, we worked on some improvements for the Decoration Forge:

    • The new Quick Guide provides you with a summarized overview of how the Decoration Forge works and what you will need for its fusion process. (This has already been implemented in Empire)

    • In addition, we are also rebalancing the Decoration Forge and based on your feedback we are going to improve the overall cost/ benefit!

Thank you

Our Plans for Q4 2018 Poll ( October 2018 ) 66 votes

is the Plans for October 2018 a Positive Update ?
Ahmed Meshoo (EG1)KeBe (DE1)Herveus (AU1)blueman7 (DE1)agios007 (GR1)Nebulous (US1)ObarfoUser (US1)Diamondback (NL1)douwew (NL1)polecat1 (US1)eibbed62 (AU1)kookiekooks (US1)David Noble (US1)sboy777 (US1)Lady Nym (US1)Powerlady1970 (DE1)JamesDK (SKN1)thunderlord (NL1)voltran (BG1)deg iedereen (NL1) 41 votes
is the Plans for October 2018 a Negative Update ?
SvenkeFolkestad (INT1)Low Pass (DE1)Mc Billy (DE1)Zirrussball-masterflehg (US1)killdavies (GB1)Zenzer (GB1)Stevemass (GB1)[Gelöschter Benutzer]Doppelklinge (DE1)de hulk104 (NL1)muditbothra (IN1)Turtle24 (US1)Chaoshund (DE1)Imperius (GB1)NoPainNoGainFTW (US1)ShashankRuler (IN1)Kage (ASIA1)PowerfullyPatt (INT1) 25 votes


  • BM QueenBBM QueenB Posts: 200
    is the Plans for October 2018 a Positive Update ?
    you can comment what do u like or you don't like about this plan

  • sir-haba (SKN1)sir-haba (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 316
    is the Plans for October 2018 a Negative Update ?
    Those monthly payment packages are awful.
  • el mago (FR1)el mago (FR1) FR1 Posts: 595
    where is the new castellan set  from the Shapeshifter ??
  • bernhardt (US1)bernhardt (US1) US1 Posts: 978
    Are you guys kidding??????!!!!  If you(GGE) make a decision based on this poll, you're complete morons, as the poll is meaningless since nobody has any real information.  These various updates could be good, could be bad(more likely bad given the GGE track record the last couple of years).  You want some real feedback?  Put the updates on the test server first and actually listen to the feedback, unlike what you did for the fusion forge(as the latest instance) where you were told it was poorly set up, and too expensive for the results.  Quit using the main servers as your BETA testers, that's what the TEST SERVER IS FOR!
  • is the Plans for October 2018 a Positive Update ?
    This stuff all sounds great really. I am most excited about the tools feature. I'd like to be able to auto-fill some attacks so I can speed up the pace of my play and give me more time to do other things. Sounds like an awesome update. Of course, the regular group of complainers are going to whine and complain. So I am just going to exit the thread here. Thanks and I am so excited about the new update in October.

    "Me and the plans for the new auto-fill!" :smiley:
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  • Lotos (US1)Lotos (US1) US1 Posts: 1
    Putting the tents across the top of the monuments in Storm, causes problems for people who have eyesight problems.  Even with good eyesight they can be hard to see.  Please go back to putting the larger tents beside the monument.
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