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New Event: The Outer Realms

BM FujiwaraBM Fujiwara Posts: 575
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Fierce warriors,

As you all know, our scouts are normally occupied with getting some secret informations about your enemies or causing havoc by sabotaging them. But recently they'd been busy with a highly classified mission and only the king and his most trusted allies are in the know. So it's time to fill you in as well:

They recently discovered a secret passage in the Great Empire and it takes you directly to a new realm. A realm beyond the mountains which is known as the Outer Realms! The passage had to be build by hand though and is therefore very unstable and only accessible for a limited time.

But taking the risk and venturing in this uncharted realm certainly has its merits: there are treasures and rewards that would even put the treasuries of kings to shame. So what are you waiting for? It's time to conquer the Outer Realms, so let us fill you in on our new event:

New Event: The Outer Realms

The Outer Realms will be a time limited event which will enable you to compete against other players from around the world on a temporary event server! This event will be reachable from your live/main account and will direct you to a special temporary server.

Before we talk about the details of this event, let us first proceed with showing you how you'd be able to reach the Outer Realms in our game:

Clicking on the special symbol which will be located next to the ranking (highlighted by the red square) will open an overview dialogue which you can see above ("Overview" on the right side). All players level 20+ will be eligible to participate in this event, by clicking on the green "Enter Outer Realms" field. This will take you to the outer realms, where every player will have to begin with level 1.

Once you've clicked on the special event button in the Outer Realms, you'd be greeted by the overview dialogue again, only this time with the possibility of opening 1 additional tab: Clicking on the  2nd tab (highlighted by first red circle) will open your daily rankings, while clicking on the 3rd tab (highlighted by second red circle) will open your overall rankings:

If you want to return to your main castle again, then you'd only have to click on the "Return to main castle" button (as shown in the first overview-tab of the picture above).

How will this event work?

As mentioned before, this event is a time limited one, so it'd only be available for a certain period of time. Once you log in to the Outer Realms you will have to play through the Tutorial again and then you'll be ready to go for building your castle. 

During this event you’ll be able to compete for unique rewards and there will be two simple aspects to this competition:

  1. Build buildings + decorations

  2. Engage in direct PvP fights against other castle lords!

The following tables will give you an overview about the crucial and important functions of our Outer Realms event.

Server Limit


Event Point Calculation


124.000 worldwide players

  • “First come, first serve” registration

  • Click on “Enter outer Realms” → you’re registered

  • If server limit is reached → you’ll get an error message after clicking on “Enter outer Realms”

New Scoring System

  • Your Buildings + Decorations give you might points

  • Might points = Event score points

Better be quick before the limit of 124.000 is reached! Our new scoring system focuses on might points which you get from buildings and decorations. Let’s take a look at how they’ll impact your scoring and also how our in-game shops will work during the Outer Realm event:

Changes to Buildings + Decorations


In-Game Shops & Rubies


All Buildings + Decorations

  • Will give you might points

  • Will be burnable

  • Decorations cannot be stored

Ruby Shop

  • You’ll be able to purchase rubies from the ruby shop

  • The same payment methods and currencies as you know from the main account will be available

Might points

  • You will get might points for your ranking when a building/decoration is build in your castle

  • Demolishing buildings/decorations will reduce your might points

  • No influence on your actual might rank


  • You’ll be able to purchase from the Resource Trader, Equipment Trader & Armorer

  • Their offers will vary in comparison to the ones from your main account

Burning buildings

  • Grant no might points for the ranking

  • Every burning building + decoration can be extinguished

  • Extinguishing the fire will grant you might points again

  • The extinguishing cost per building is reduced in the Outer Realms

  • Exceptions: gate, moat, tower foundation

Purchased Rubies

  • Remaining purchased Rubies  during the Outer Realms will be transferred to main account, after the event ends

And here’s where the interesting aspect of this event takes place:
Buildings & decorations will give you the important might points, but you will be able to burn the ones of your enemies and vice versa. 
So attacking your competitors will have a direct impact on their progress in the ranking system, but so will they have a direct impact on yours as well. 

You better form a solid and strong army in order to defend yourself and crush your enemies decorations and buildings!





Reward Transfer

  • The rewards you’ll get after the Outer Realms event 
    has ended, will be transferred to your main account 
    (transfer can take up to 10 days)

Daily Ranking

  • Rank + building might points will be shown

  • Daily ranking points will be added to overall ranking

  • Points will be calculated to the overall ranking  after 24 hours

  • Can only be viewed in the Outer Realms

Reward Hierarchy

  • Rewards will depend on your overall ranking

  • Higher rankings = better rewards

Overall Ranking

  • Measures amount of total ranking points

  • Rewards will depend on overall ranking

Additional Reward

  • An additional reward will be given out for participating,
    by reaching a special amount of building might points

If you want to take a look at your rankings you’d always be able to find them as the following picture will show you: 

All rewards that you’ll get, as well as all the remaining rubies that you’ll purchase during this event will be accredited and transferred to your main account, after the event ends. 

There’s also a special twist in regards to our rewards: 
You’ll only be able to get 1 x Top reward and not multiple! This means, that if you reach the Top 50 ranks, you’ll only get the Top 50 rewards and not the Top 200 and/or Top 500 ones (so it’s different to what you know from our invasion events)!

Event End


Server restrictions


Complete Server-Wipe

  • The whole server will be deleted after the 
    Outer Realms event ends.

  • If you’re logged in the event while it’s ending 
    → you’ll be redirected to your main account

  • Rewards are going to be credited to 
    your main account

Excluded Servers

  • Poland

  • Japan

  • China

  • Arabic

  • Korean

  • Egypt

  • All partner networks (e.g. Naszaklasa, Spielaffe, Krayolun et al)

So once the Outer Realms event is over, all players and all their castles and progress will be wiped off the server and therefore will be deleted (remember that the rewards and purchased rubies will be transferred to your main account though.
All rubies that you’ve spent during the Outer Realms event will not be transferred!). 

Due to technical restrictions there’ll be a couple of servers which will be excluded for this event, as you can see above under “server restrictions”, like e.g. Poland, Japan, China, et al.

Ranking and Scoring systems

We have now posted the details on how the ranking points are going to be given out, and the rewards you can collect for each rank tier. For more informations on the rewards and ranking points, click here

New Castle Skins

There will be new skins for your castles in our great Empire coming along with our Outer Realm event as well and their terrific looks are really a thrilling sight to behold!

Look-item artifact: Emblem of the Outer Realms

Castle Skins

You will be able to obtain them as a unique reward of our Outer Realms event and they are only cosmetic skins, which means, that there will be no stats bonuses for them. Those new castle skins are permanent, but you can't slot them with gems. Those castle skins will be rewards for our Top 1 and Top 50 players of this event!

You can discuss everything in the upcoming update in this thread here - looking forward to hearing your thoughts about the exciting new event!

Happy hunting!

Your Empire Family 

fujiwara @ en-1
fujiwara @ us-1

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  • BM FujiwaraBM Fujiwara Posts: 575
    Dear Community,

    We terminated the stress test run for our Outer Realms event earlier than originally planned after identifying one last issue we want to fix before the main event.
    This means that our test run of the Outer Realms has officially ended today!

    Of course we will proceed with the transfer of the amount of purchased rubies that you didn't spend, as was announced by us.
    This process is expected to happen during the course of the following days and we will keep you updated on this here in our forums.

    We deeply apologize for this unintended termination of our stress test and we thank you a lot for your participation in this test run! Thanks to you and your feedback we were able to find several bugs and we are going to add some of your feedback into our upcoming first run of the Outer Realms like for example a shorter duration of the protection mode.

    Best regards,
    Your Empire Family

    fujiwara @ en-1
    fujiwara @ us-1

  • BM QueenBBM QueenB Posts: 201
    Fierce warriors, 

    The Outer Realms are in full swing and your participation and vigor in the conquest of those uncharted kingdoms please the Emperor
    That's why he's sending you his best carpenters, artisans and other talented helping hands so that your castles can be built even faster. 
    Those craftsmen still have to be paid for their hard labor, but in the presence of the Emperor's favorite, they work with twice the strength and endurance than before.

    This means that from the 4th of October, 10:00 CEST - the 7th of October, 09:59 CEST the ruby costs for skipping buildings will be reduced by 50%!!!

    Keep on showing everyone in the Outer Realms who are in favor with the Emperor, crush your enemies and burn their buildings and decorations, to emerge victoriously! 

    Best regards,
    Your Empire Family 
  • BM QueenBBM QueenB Posts: 201
    Outer Realms Gift
    To help those players to level up faster in that level range. Today, we will send out a resource gift (wood & stone) for players lvl 10-15 to fill their storage to max. this will happen from today 15:00 CEST until  tomorrow 14:49 CEST.
    Important: the gift will fill their storage to their current limit but it wont overstock even that the player sees more resources in the gift text.

  • BM QueenBBM QueenB Posts: 201
    edited 05.10.2018
    Fierce warriors,

    we wanted to inform you that this weeks transfer for the stress test rubies has officially and successfully been executed! 

    This means that all rubies which were left over at the end of the stress test were by now already transferred to all eligible players. 

    We want to thank you very much for your participation in our stress test and we wish you a lot of fun during our first official run of the Outer Realms event! 

    Best regards,
    Your Empire Family 
  • BM FujiwaraBM Fujiwara Posts: 575
    Fierce warriors, 

    we got more news about the next step of our reward distribution, as our ruby transfer for the leftover amount of Outer Realms rubies has now been officially concluded

    We will start with the distribution of the Outer Realms rewards during the course of tomorrow. Please be aware that the distribution of rewards will take some time as well and it will take longer than the ruby transfer! All players will receive their respective rewards and we will inform you again about the distribution once it's officially over. 

    Best regards,
    Your Empire Family 
    fujiwara @ en-1
    fujiwara @ us-1

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