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Armour Of Kirgura Yoshiro Pieces....

        Been on vacation with life matters starting my small business and working on buying a car. I am part way through and have returned to the game. I am wondering where the piece of Kigura Yoshiro's Armour are. I am short the Hero and The Stone of the Hunter. Are they coming out in a future update??? Or is the equipment set completely useless? Like the other old equipment sets, I've been waiting to return to the game and make purchasable. Like the Fortune of the Desert Sands. I am really hoping to complete the Yoshiro set though. It was a top 50 reward perk and I worked pretty hard and paid a pretty penny and it would be a shame if I didn't get to complete the set. Anyone know anything about it? CM's, BM's, or Anyone with information? Would be nice if my hard work didn't go to waste. I was expecting it to show up like the Raiders Cast did. But this time it seems like a no show. Willing to pay rubies to complete.

Anyway back to 4-hour sleeping shifts to keep troops alive and grinding for tokens and glory... 

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