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Band of alliances (event)

Currently there are events focused on NPCs and looting. But! What if there was a Band of alliances event! 

In this event you get week day to pick 20 players in your alliance and to pick other alliances (limited to MP of you and other team) to do the event. Other members of other alliances also pick 20 members from 5 alliances to help you conquer a team of 100 players. In this event your 100 players are given the choice to join a event map (like barmond) and a storm is blocking the two Groups from attacking one another for a week. In this event you are given a new chat room in the event you can use to communicate with your group. So for a week you and your fellow members plan your attack and build up your forces and buildings (You can recruit and build units and tools as needed) (you all have the same commander in the event so that it is fair EG the premium commander stats) . The event works like "The battle for Barmond" in you neither lose or gain honor but you can gain glory. In the event each player can be eliminated after 25 attacks on their castle but the ones on the front lines MUST be destroyed for the other team to advance on the other castles. After winning a attack on a player the attacker gets 100 Tokens to be used in a shop where they can buy tool, units, armor, and upgrades for the event commander. After defeating the other team's players the group has a capital owned by the leader of one of the alliances (selected randomly) and he is the last to go. The winner gets Rubies for all members and a Decorative item and points for a shop that they can buy a Castilian set.
I like this one.  ;)

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  • JYT (US1)JYT (US1) US1 Posts: 895
    So like,, the old battle for berimond with no watchtowers +tokens? I'm down. However, I think the battle time should have a definite time frame; say, the rest of the month. There's a lot of players, and lots of hits to be made.

    A few suggestions and clarifications:
    1. At the beginning of the month, an alliance can chose whether or not to participate in that month's competition. All alliance members participate, and no one has a bird. All protection mode bonuses and effects are removed for the camp in the competition, but are not removed from players for castles outside of the event. (A) Random player(s) in every alliance with fewer players than the largest alliance are given another camp which is a duplicate, thus all participating alliances have the same number of camps, and a more equal opportunity to win (troops and tools produced at one camp will also be produced at an equivalent amount and time frame as in the other camp, but at no additional cost. Losses in troops and tools are not mirrored, however). All alliances are randomly grouped within a certain range of might points. Players may not send troops or tools to the competition camp to prevent players from abusing duplication.* Troop recruit times and tool production times will be drastically shortened and moderately cheapened to allow faster establishment and preparation. 
    2. Camps should be open to captures (see 2) after 10 wins, not attacks. I'm pretty sure that was the idea, but it doesn't hurt to clarify.
    3. After being defeated 10 times, a camp should be opened to being captured by a player on the opposing side. If you've played the old Battle for Berimond, it's the same idea. Once your camp is captured, you're out of the competition, but you'll still receive the ending rewards. 
    4. If when you attack an enemy camp you are defeated, you receive 5 (negotiable) tokens.
    5. At the end of the month, if neither side has defeated the enemy capital, the side with the most players remaining is declared victor, and rewards are distributed accordingly.
    6. Should be a given, but real time leaderboards. Players are ranked based on how many tokens they have earned. Once a player's camp is captured, they are moved to the bottom of the leaderboard and their name gets grayed out, but their token total is still displayed.
    7. End rewards: each player on the winning side receives 10,000 rubies, a reskinned deco with 320 PO & 750 mp and 2000 tokens (negotiable). The losing side receives 100k coins, a 3x4 deco with 50 po & 50 mp, and 200 tokens.
    8. Shop rewards: obligatory 1 token for 150 coins, 5 piece commander set (plus a look item which lasts three weeks(?) bc it's about damn time a commander with a look piece was introduced besides the highlander) with maxed stats at...


    Statistic type

    Max Level


    Melee soldiers' combat strength



    Ranged soldiers' combat strength



    Wall protection of the enemy



    Enemy moat protection



    Enemy gate protection



    Travel speed



    Longer to detect army



    Glory points



    Resources looted



    Combat strength of attackers in the courtyard



    Soldier limit on your flanks


    Bonus effects:
    -40% enemy gate protection
    -80% enemy moat protection
    +20% soldier limit on the flanks
    +40% combat strength in the courtyard of enemy castle lords
    +15% combat strength of all soldiers
    (stats are lightly half-assed; much inspiration taken from the invader set's stats. Somewhat negotiable)
    Total cost for set should be in the neighborhood of 36,000 tokens.

    Additional shop rewards: 
    Assassins and demon slayers. Generic 5x10 deco with 275 PO and 600 mp for 4000 tokens (?? very negotiable)

    I love this concept. GGS, I expect $30 of rubies to be credited to my account and the original poster's, and I'm willing to be hired to be one of the game devs.

    Alternatively, players may be allowed to send as many troops and tools to the competition, but said troops and tools will not be allowed to return at the end of the month. They will remain stored in that separate kingdom until the next time that player's alliance enters the competition.
    Discord: JYT#1574
  • JYT (US1)JYT (US1) US1 Posts: 895
    wowow that was a lot longer than I originally intended.
    tl;dr version.
    separate kingdom which is like the old battle for berimond with no towers + tokens with which to buy a nice 6 piece commander, useable for PvP.

    Discord: JYT#1574
  • you even made stats for a comm for it

    my no-lifing has been shown up

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  • MartenE3 (NL1)MartenE3 (NL1) NL1 Posts: 131
    The idea is good and what JYT added was too, but in GGS's eyes I think this won't be profitable enough.
    Maybe make it so that sending troops to the kingdom costs say 250 rubies per 1000 sols, not too expensive, but they will not comeback after the event ended, unless you ofcourse send them back for a cost of 750 rubies per 1000 sols
    I know what you are thinking, this guy is crazy and/or retarded, but after all GGS is a business and they have to make money. 

    Also I think that birded players should not be allowed in the kingdom or atleast the bird shouldn't work there.
  • Kage (ASIA1)Kage (ASIA1) ASIA1 Posts: 2,943
    edited 28.08.2018
    The idea of upgrading the commander is very original and clever, neither gge done this before, to upgrade an commander during an live event without using coins/technicus. I'd like to see this idea implemented in the game (good mechanic, much better than using the technicus atm, i find this a better solution for replacing the technicus...)

    Also a big pro for the event sounds good, but for me it's hard to understand how it is gonna work the number of players that can play the event, 20 players of each alliance is a bit too low, increase it a bit.. 

    Also no, from my perspective, if you really want to have an original event, no.. just don't give the players the choice to send troops from other kingdoms, since all of the use the same commander, they should also use the same status troops (bonuses).
    So make 2 type of troops range/melee that can be recruited, and also 2 type of troops for defense, with low recruit timing, like bm troops.
    Since you have to defend yourself from attacks, you'll be allowed to transfer tools only (def / attack etc)

    Also, we all know that gge likes to make money from event, or offers. So they can make a new booster, which will give to players more tokens from a succesful attack (example charm/blod booster from shapeshifters) 
    Also, you can loot tokens from players (like in long events blade coast etc).
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     To be continued....

  • JYT (US1)JYT (US1) US1 Posts: 895
    Friedrich I looked at a thread which was someone copy-pasting com and cast stats from announcements.
    I grabbed Shapeshifter stats and switched a few numbers.

    Also I play this game. Therefore I cannot have a life.
    Discord: JYT#1574
  • Btw the event is supposed to be one month long once every six months
    I like this one.  ;)

    King clone

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