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Gerbrandt Heirlooms set delivery issues

So I go into the Beri invasion with 3 pieces and gems from the previous one and work my way through to a modest top 50 position and get the remaining 2 peices, 2 gems and the hero.

go into equipment to set up the new comm, first 3 pieces and gems in place, hero and twonew gems in store, but the armour and artifact no where to be seen.  I am careful enough not to have sold the other pieces, so I can only conclude that they were not delivered.


  • Herveus (AU1)Herveus (AU1) Posts: 10,805AU1
    YOu get 3 pieces per event you got 3 new pieces so nothing wrong

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  • Plenty wrong.
    got 3 kit + 1 hero and 6 gems; heor was delivered last round, but not the armour or the artifact.

    so a delivery problem, if something comes in threes and you get the last o the three (hero in this case), then the other two should  be in store.

    Not the first time there have been equipment delivery problems...
  • janina1 (US1)janina1 (US1) Posts: 49US1
    It sounds like you skipped a month and got the same gems again.
  • NO, it is still myserious, and I cannot figure it - unless others have skipped a month, but I don't htink so.
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