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Castellan gems are pointless



  • I am not saying remove ALL old style gems from the game, but I do think they should be given for lower level event prizes, due to there significantly reduced usefullness i am not really seeing why they should be given out for top end prizes any more.  Especially when they only real thing u can use them on you have to pay for!!!!   thats a bit cheeky to be honest.

    Thank you for summarizing straight to the point!

    If you spend money to buy boosters etc you shouldn't be given top X prize that is useless to u.  That's exactly what those gems are with no more 5 pieces sets in the game. 

    Ok, so we're done with 5 pieces sets, all there is now and more otw are 9 pieces sets so adjust the top x rewards accordingly. Rather give food items or something of value to players. Given that now GGE introduced items past lvl10 they should accordingly adjust the top rewards too. 

    If you want people to spend money and obviously u do, cos with each update you're forcing it more and more taking out any means for players to get some significant amount of rubies, then make some lucrative content and offer them something so they want to spend. 
    Not just reskinned specialized comms and useless gems. ;) That's the msg that moderators should communicate to the higher instances. Not sure they care, though.

  • David Noble (US1)David Noble (US1) Posts: 2,552
    edited 25.07.2018
    Unfortunately, GGS is also known for being stubborn and hard to convince. However, we used to get events where you had an option to buy the look items which it could even be argued the look items were the best they had to offer especially since you did not have to spend rubies to get them. If these events that were taken away by GGS were returned back then the only thing people would have to worry about when it comes to look items is the cost of removing a gem.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       True that GGS also has look items that cost rubies, but considering how hard 1st place and top 50 are to even get people should not be forced to spend rubies to buy look items either. Plus, GGS could also increase the amount of time for the look items that cost rubies besides the special offer of 99 days without necessarily increasing the price of rubies as well, but knowing GGS they probably will not do that unfortunately. Also increase the frequency of look items again from the equipment trader and perhaps reward look items from monthly events as well with at least one look item per month which with 21 pages and plenty of slots it should not be too hard to add at least one look item perhaps on page 20 or 21. (Like replacing five feathers with a look item for example on page 21 or possibly even page 20.) True that there are also look items available from the robber baron fortresses sometimes, but unfortunately they not show up frequently enough which we rarely get now if at all. There are a number of ways to resolve the problem with look items if GGS is willing to listen.
    David Noble @ usa 1

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