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Shapeshifter horns

Can one of you incompetent and lazy devs take a second and add the single line required to change the color of shapeshifter horns? 

Please and thank you. 
perryl @ USA1 
Perryl @ UK1 and AU1. Will be back on UK1 soon. 

@ me or don't expect a response. 

Chasing the goalpost since 2014. I discovered GGE through a Dogecoin faucet rotator. Don't know what that is? No big deal, those are gone in 2018 2020. A long break was good. Highly recommended. I got too drunk and forgot why I hated GGE and took a break in the first place. So, here I am again. 

2020 - Not dead yet.


  • fujiwara (GB1)fujiwara (GB1) GB1 Posts: 647
    I would definitely like to see shapeshifter and khan horns be a different colour, and have khan horns another different colour when on alliance members. The concept is already being used with the way red and blue horns are handled, the QoL improvement on further separation far, far outweighs the increased complexity of learning what the horns mean.
    fujiwara @ en 1

    Author of the Empire alliance management studio web app - contact me if you want to try it out

  • Philt123 (GB1)Philt123 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,839
    yep face it no one bothers to defend shape shifter attacks, especially as i only ever see 32 troop hits,  face it you failed spectacularly on every quantifiable level on this one, its got nothing to do with pvp, so lets not confuse matters and give it a pvp horn.

    better still why not just bin the event, and bring back royal capital event.  bring back TK, underworld and blade coast with some ammendments to make it current.

    and next time you try and address pvp in the game why not actually listen to the players, not people who have no idea how the game is actually played.  especially when they simply make the decisions on what is easiest to program.  If the world always took the easy route, there really wouldnt be much innovation in the world.  

    Philt123 @ en 1

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