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Storm Islands - Less Aqua Looted from Storm Forts

So once again I am out of dummy peasents and our alliance is going for the win anyways so I decided well might as well do Storm then but I noticed that I am getting  A LOT less loot from Storm Forts level 80, did not even bother attacking anything below.
All of my commanders I use have at least 80% more ressources looted, I have the berimond loot title, Hall of Legends, marauder.
I am even tried using the same commander but I am not getting nearly as much as before I was getting 40-55k a hit and now a lot less!
It is not amount of troops as I am over the maximum loot capacity with the loot capacity gems as sending front as well or not did not make a noticable difference. The same applies to the loot my alliance mates have been getting and this occured only after the last update / did not happen last month.
So I was wondering if someone found out what the bonus is that is not being counted

Today :

Before : 

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  • It's been this month i've noticed reduced loot in storms. Previous months i've been able to loot 40K+ with my beri loot bonus but this month loot has been decreased dramatically.
    Coyote666 @ AU1

  • same here


    No longer on USA 1(still available on int1)
    Quit the forums on 2 oct,2018 only playing game
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