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Guide and FAQs: Equipment Power System

ang1243 (GB1)ang1243 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 3,834
edited 03.07.2018 in Guides, Tips & References

Hi Everyone,

Today I wanted to provide some clarification on how the new Equipment power system works - how you have to interact with it, why it was implemented and how it will change the way we work in-game.

I’ve split this post into two sections:

- A general discussion/explanation of the system (which you’re about to dive into)

- An FAQ section (linked to HERE)

The game has gone through a lot of changes in the past - but equipment remains one of the core aspects of the game - and therefore one of the most complex parts - the power system could be the biggest change we’ve ever seen to Equipment since it was implemented (yes, bigger than Gems, Heroes, etc.) - but that shouldn’t be as scary as it sounds!

The power system uses a lot of the core aspects of equipment we’re already used to in-game when it comes to the changes made.

At least for the moment, this won’t affect your current equipment items in any way at all - you can continue to use the items you have at the moment and ignore the new system completely without losing out too much (of course I imagine that will change a lot in the future when there is a bigger shift towards these sets beyond just one set).

Really, there are two new things you need to be aware of when it comes to  the Power System:

  • - Power Level

  • - Power rarity

These two new aspects of equipment will make multiple items which may ‘look’ the same (i.e. have the same art asset) and have the same name be part of different equipment sets, for example - you could have the hero from the ‘Artifacts of the Phoenix Knights’ - the Phoenix Knight in your equipment storage for 4 different power rarities and power levels - and it would look something like this:

These items are all unique - i.e. they are not the same item, and are all from their own versions of the set of which it is the namesake.

You should consider each of these items an individual item - they can have different statistics, and are part of different sets, generally however, the higher the power rarity and power level, the higher the bonus - and items from the same ‘Power series’ of sets will generally be improved versions of each other - and therefore can end up being very similar.

Let’s dive a bit deeper into the details:

Currently, there are 5 different power Rarities which you can get in the power system - these are the same rarities which we currently have generally for equipment at the moment:

  1. Ordinary (Grey colour)

  2. Rare (Green colour)

  3. Epic (Purple colour)

  4. Legendary (Orange colour)

  5. Unique (Red colour)

The following items are different items as they have different Power rarities:

You can discern an item’s power rarity in a couple of ways:


You can check the colour of the quarter circle in the top right corner of the item - cross-referencing the colours which you already know for each of them as highlighted above


It is also highlighted on the item’s tooltip itself - so you can read and check the Power rarity if you’re not confident with the colour system.

Power levels are relatively simple - they are a level, ranging from 1-9 which splits Power rarities further into individual sets. The following items, although they have the same Power rarity, have different power levels, and are therefore part of different sets:

You can check the Power level of an item in the same way as checking for a Power rarity - except by checking for the number and checking the Power level section of the tooltip.

What’s the reason behind doing all of this?

We’ve hinted previously at what the reason is, and unfortunately we cannot reveal everything yet - however, be assured it will have quite an impact on all of our relationships with equipment - so the sooner we as players can get our heads around this system - the better!

Right - more detail…

Gems can have both power rarities and power levels too - it’s not just limited to heroes and equipment items, as you can see below:

If going for a 9 piece set, you’ll need all 9 pieces with the same power level and power rarity.

I just touched on a point there - but let’s go into a bit more depth. When working on sets which include the power system - you’ll have to include items with the correct power level and rarity for the system - this is highlighted clearly when looking at the tooltip of any item in the set as you can see here:

Make sure you are working with items with the same power level and rarity - otherwise you won’t be able to unlock the set bonuses fully, for example:

This set would result in a tooltip like this:

It has 8 out of the 9 correct items - but the artifact is from the incorrect set - and therefore only 7 out of the 8 set bonuses have been unlocked.

Hopefully this sheds some light on some of the more confusing sections of the new Power system.



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