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  • all i want is a screenshot. we can continue talks with gge from there

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    - New Booster Tools

    We have done combo tools for fc, bl now why not nomads?

    For me, I don`t care. 

    Will widen the gap by a small amount as boosters are now prominent than tools.

    - Changes to the Shapeshifter Event

    Can u guys stick to your own words?  When new Master summoner is introduced u guys stated top 800 players may earn in 11-13 months. Now u want to speed up the process and give the top players a 2 or 3 more summoner commanders to beat down lower players. And we all know how the event is played and who generally tops in their own servers. 

    Widens the gap a lot.

    - New Castle Skins

    I think these are designed by kids.

    - Resource Trader Overcapping

    Yeah, Yeah allow the ruby players to get instant level-ups for buildings if they get bored of looting. 

    Very much widens the gap. Now a newbie can show a 3-4 year player that his play is for naught if he has "Deep pockets". Can buy comms, can buy skips, now KRs too and over-cap them.

    EDIT: It has food too, Does it mean that we can buy many food packs with 80K and stack them? If so rip, the balance of game.

    - New Build Items

    We all know that top 50 players have filled their food build item slot and top rewards are now pointless. "They may stop trying, so let`s get some more high-level items which tip`s the balance between newly entered lvl 70`s or low levels and ruby 800`s in terms of fp prod"- gge

    Tips the balance in the long run if players can`t obtain it. 

    Lastly, rip wof u may be remembered with bakery, wartime looting etc.

    PS: Waiting for June update part 5 yay.
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  • If the game had those castle skins to begin with I doubt I would have started playing  -  what part of medieval castle = melted fudge and toddler wooden bricks ?
    instead of spending time and money on new skins that are superfluous here is a new idea  -
    fix the bugs and make it a stable game to play for all of us.
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  • New booster tools, same old same old pay to win, fair enough you gotta make money some how.

    Shapeshifter, the event is crap its a dog put it down.  Its easily manipulated, so pointless from a competition perspective, 99% of people just send 32 troops, whats the point may as well just give us all 2 weekly charms, then we all be happy or after 6 months give everyone a commander, as thats all the event really is.  it adds zero to the game a really horrible addition to the game, I can only think you spent too much developing it to bin it at this point.  But sometimes you just gotta accept you made a mistake and move on, rather than flogging a dead horse.  Running the event mroe often really is the very last thing you want to do.  

    Castle skins - to be honest I am at a bit of a loss for words, if i wanted to play minecraft, I would!!!!  And save myself a fortune in the process. I am literally sat here shaking my head, wondering what planet you guys are on.

    Resourse trader overcapping.  this is a nasty one to be honest, the game is 2 tier enough as it is, without basically making it so if you have enough money you can hold as many troops as you want.    Probably the biggest single thing I have seen in the game to unbalance it, in a long long time.  Please rethink this one.  

    New build items.  I am all for a continual development of the game, but am wondering where its going.  are we aiming for 50,000 food per castle?  being able to hold 25-30,000 troops per castle?  how does this effect balance?  

    Honestly this is probably the most transparent ruby grab rollout you have ever done, it adds little or nothing to the game, and widens the gap between ruby and non ruby buyer more than ever.  

    No mention of addressing the multis, no mention of addressing the increase in bots.  no mention of addressing the increasing increasing instability of the platform or the losses casued due to its instability.  In fact no attempt whatsoever to address any of the pretty significant concerns your player base has.  Instead you think of new ways to get people to spend more.  Whilst at the same time devaluing 1000% overnight what they already spent rubies on.  

    As a player you have to ask the question why should I pay real money into a game where the developers make little attempt to  ensure everyone is playing to the same rules, where I could wake up overnight and the developers have either taken away my ruby purchases, or made them totally worthless overnight. 

    Fix the basics, ensure the game runs smoothly and as error free as possible. ensure you are acting as a responsible game operator, ensure the competions you have are fair and players adhere to rules you set.  Do this and you have a platform to build on, keep burrying our head in the sand and totally ignoring the fact that your own rules are a laughing stock and you wont matter what crap you add to the game there wont be anyone around to play it!!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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  • this update ONLY widens the gap between buyers and non-buyers!
    New booster tools: whats the point? and it will probably be just for buyers anyway to purchase them
    Changes to shapeshifter: fix the event it's dumb as it is! just send 32 soldiers 5x
    New castle skins: I didn't know 5-year-olds play this game and I also don't think 5-year-olds will spend money
    resource trader overcapping: now big time buyers can have 30k troops and 3 mil food to keep em alive! now buyers get unlimited resources as well...
    New build items: cant create them only win them...now the gap gets even wider between buyers and non-buyers! 

    Another stupid update just to make u purchase rubies!

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    To be blunt the BM still think it's a good idea to moderate threads on wars they are involved in.  They read the press release before posting, they must realise given they are players and play in alliances and families with other players that some of what there posting is unclear, open to interpretation and in some cases openly misleading.  As for the technical instructions on how to work round lags start with an idiots guide and work backward is a safer bet.  If there are bugs in the game asking us to take technical advice from another player without clarity on the legal position if we follow instruction and something goes wrong is really iffy.  We use our computers for business, banking etc asking us to make a change for a game to run better without considering the wider implications for other software etc we might be running isn't building trust it's putting players at risk.  That type of technical advice should never come from BM's it has to be GGE content and needs to properly checked and validated by legal advisors.  It isn't just GGE that's out of touch with the majority of player base it's BM's.  They either need to step up or step out on masse and force the CM's to face the music which is what they are paid to do.  

    This is a dreadful update close to an open joke.  Absolutely no motivation for round about 99% of the player base and designed to benefit an elite of 1% who have no interest in the game other than to ruin it for majority of players.  Honestly why would new players play this rather than something like Fortnite?  People need to have some chance of success and their need to be some boundaries and checks and balances. GGE Wild West would be a more accurate description of the current shambles.  It makes VAR look well thought out and implemented.  Shockingly bad. 

    You have to have sympathy for the US guys above who in good faith put in a stellar effort that looks like would have won some groups by a distance the disparity in scoring suggests something either went wrong or players fix the scoring again as with Fury's Blade.  A 40K score not counting is just astonishing how does that happen.  GGE simply have to get more involved in their game and do more to spot and solve these issues before people have wasted inordinate sums of money.  Given GGE failed to explain the Shapeshifter debacle at the end of Fury's Blade, has blithely ignored it and provided no evidence to counter the evidence from players on the Australian server that scores were fixed or even answered the queries about Bruno's "alleged winning score" why any player would participate in events with no clear understanding of how the event is scored, of how the experience - boosts / in game advantages / pricing - varies between servers and that they are operating on an level playing field.  I have pretty much stopped playing and paying it just shows a complete lack of respect to ignore these types of concerns.  And ignoring them leads to the experience the US guys have just had.  Had they dealt properly with things post Fury Blade and had BM's highlighted our concerns rather than using forums to promote personal interests rather than the interests of the wider player base this need not have happened.  

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  • Sorth121 (US1)Sorth121 (US1) Posts: 173US1
    i have said it before and will say it a gain you simply cannot have any sort of meaningful inter server tourney unless you can provide real time in game leaderboards where the actual scores gained are caluclated and displayed for everyone to see.  

    All this out of game calculations is a nonsense.  imagine playing a football match where you dont know what the score is until the end of the event, then you get told you lost 3-2 when you know you scored 4 goals, only to be told you were docked points for fielding an incorrct player.  yet all through the game the goals counted no problem.

    Truth is the whole thing is a farce.  You are making competions up that you simply do not have the ability to properly collect and display in real time the results.


    imagine playing crows and not having a clue who was leading until the end of the event?  when you are simply told if u won or not.

    I really like the idea of inter server competitions, but the way you are trying to do it simply doesnt work, and will never work.  
    LOL silly man you are thinking of soccer not football. 
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  • Sorth121 (US1)Sorth121 (US1) Posts: 173US1
    The skins look amazing!

    I for one cant wait to make my castles look like flaccid dicks
    I bet my castle's flaccid dick look will be larger than yours mnight;)
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    The skins look amazing!

    I for one cant wait to make my castles look like flaccid dicks
    I bet my castle's flaccid dick look will be larger than yours mnight;)
    We can compare in ice soon lol 
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  • The skins look amazing!

    I for one cant wait to make my castles look like flaccid dicks
    I bet my castle's flaccid dick look will be larger than yours mnight;)
    jokes on you. i'm a grower. not a shower

  • Sorth121 (US1)Sorth121 (US1) Posts: 173US1
    The skins look amazing!

    I for one cant wait to make my castles look like flaccid dicks
    I bet my castle's flaccid dick look will be larger than yours mnight;)
    We can compare in ice soon lol 
    Gimme a sec to drop our pact and declare so my capture reaches your capital faster and we can compare when I get there.
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  • kampo (US1)kampo (US1) Posts: 282US1
    I can't wait to spend my hard earned money on , less bonus time , lego skins with no way to add a gem , and a great tool package for nomads , what else can I pay for GGE ?
  • SeekerReturns (US1)SeekerReturns (US1) Posts: 76US1
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    Personally. i think the skins look more like those old wooden blocks. not legos. gge would get copyright issues if they used legos and they already have plenty of issues. *cough* FU should still be in the cup

  • Thanks for screwing the game up even more. Notice all your new stuff is mainly for ruby buyers...way to please the rich and ignore the poor.
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    @Temprance - show us who was in the starting alliance and their scores. Simple solution I believe. Unless something to hide. 
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  • I've come to the conclusion that maybe GGE just inflated Russias score by 1.4mil (or another way of stating it - swapped our scores) to keep them going as they're hosting the FIFA World Cup?

    I honestly have no other idea.

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    might i ask how long did it take to come up with those new skins they are hideous and look like a 5 year old made them 

    shapeshifter changes are nice and so are the build items the other stuff i dont care about as its for ruby buyers 
    as non=ruby I guess I should like the shifter change but I think it devalues the difficulty of going for them and means ruby
    buyers will collect them quicker...

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    Temprance said:
    again not true. our players were with us and their points counted towards sams. they should count towards beri. At this point we're not necessarily asking to be put back in the competition. We're asking for screenshots of the other servers at the last minute and we're asking for proper talks of compensation. You say that these responses are from ggs but we've all seen gge support. they take forever to respond. your just making shit up at this point. The rest of the server can judge my post previous post with the screenshots of the scores. like the post if you agree that FU should still be in it. LOL the post if you think gge is right.
    It's your word against the legitimate data collected from the servers at the end of the events, also taking into account the players at the beginning of them. Everything was compared, no miscalculations found.

    I understand your frustration, but don't come out here and accuse me of "making shit up" considering I've only ever shown the utmost respect and integrity to absolutely everyone on this forum since becoming a moderator. I would be the last one to knowingly cover up for a mistake made by GGE.


    lets trust GGE data that's why my OP can have 5k food consumption with no troops in it cause GGE is never wrong

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