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Forward March! Forum Competition 6/21/18-7/14/18

Friedrich IV (US1)Friedrich IV (US1) Posts: 1,505
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Greetings Forum Warriors!

Today begins a new contest for all the Lords and Ladies of the Great Empire! Let your armies march forth, to victory or to defeat!
The contest will be active from today, 6/21, until midnight the morning of 7/14.

Here's how this contest will work:
Players may post their own battle reports on this thread. I will keep a running tally of kills and losses for each player. The player with the most kills wins, with some additional prizes for 2nd and 3rd place, as well as best kill to death ratio in a single BR, and best kill to death ratio overall.

The rules of this contest:
Battle reports MUST be from Player vs Player attacks only. Event battle reports are not allowed! This includes Foreign Lords and Bloodcrows. Do not post your Foreign or Bloodcrow reports, or any other event reports, because they will not be counted.
Only attacking battle reports are allowed, if you are the defender in a report you post it will not be counted towards your total.
Battle Reports must include the time stamp in the upper left hand corner of the battle reports. Only battles that take place during the contest will be counted!

The rewards are as follows:
[Level 70 bracket]
1st Place: 10k rubies, 500 Demon horrors, 500 Deathly horrors
2nd & 3rd Place: 5k rubies, 250 Demon horrors, 250 Deathly horrors
Best K/D Single Battle Report: 2.5k rubies, 125 Demon horrors, 125 Deathly horrors
Best K/D Overall: 2.5k rubies, 125 Demon horrors, 125 Deathly horrors

[Levels 1-69 bracket]
1st Place - 2k rubies, 100 Demon & Deathly horror
2nd & 3rd Place - 1k rubies, 50 Demon & Deathly horror
Best K/D Single Report - 500 rubies, 25 Demon & Deathly horror
Best K/D Overall - 500 rubies, 25 Demon & Deathly horror

Good luck, and may the greatest warrior win!

EDIT: Non-Battle Report posts will not be tolerated on this thread. Take your issues with GGS to the hundreds of threads dedicated to that topic. This competition is meant to be fun for those of us here that do more than play FarmVille.

Friedrich IV US1
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