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Technical Issues 17/6



  • jamman (US1)jamman (US1) US1 Posts: 126

    has anyone else had the problem of   quests showing 0  daily tasks not budging and  spy  camp showing all rewards being done but nothing changes in accoun t inventary

    Yep. Before they applied the hotfix. And before that, even though the Quests showed, they weren't working/crediting properly.

    STILL WAITING for my 12M Coin Donation to get credited.

    HEY GGE!!! Either give me the Royal Quest credit, or give me back my 12M Coins, eh? YIKES!!!
    Any news about this? Filed a support case on sunday but no response yet!!! Guess I should just kiss my 12M coin and more importantly a 19000 rubies (to redo that quest) goodbye??

    I sent my ticket in for this issue on June 25th, and Josie, from Support, took good care of me and completed the 2/7 Quest on my behalf, on June 27th. So they are working on this, and will complete the quest for those who Donated the 12M Coins for Quest 2/7. 

    Like Temprance indicated, above, they are severely backlogged. Which is why I waited so long to send mine in.  B)

    jamman @ usa 1
  • Vallarasu (US1)Vallarasu (US1) US1 Posts: 14
    Hey Jamman,
              I know they might be backlogged so only I waited 2 weeks to post in forums after my first ticket. Royal quest ends tonight n thats why I am posting now. Anyway thanks for ur input and for Temperance as well. Am gonna finish with rubies and gonna stop attempting royal quests in the future

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