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Decoration Issue - Public order

BM ang1243 BM ang1243 Posts: 3,836
edited 15.06.2018 in Technical Assistance
Dear Community,

We encountered a problem which revolves around your Public order. According to our investigations and your feedback, the public order does not seem to work in the way it used to before. The particular reason for that could be that the overall Public Order that you get from your decorations does not work the way it is intended to!

We are testing and working on this topic at the moment: It does not affect all players and/or all castles, but still occurs for some players in different ways. 

If you notice anything in particular that's revolving around this issue or might have the feeling that you could supply more information, then feel free to approach us on that or mention it in the comments section below (e.g. the issue happening after certain actions were done, etc.).

We will keep you updated on this topic and announce any news we have once we have more information for you!

Best regards,
Your Empire Family
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