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Event Troop Changes

"In the wake of our latest changes for the respective event rewards, we want to inform you about a very specific change:

We've exchanged the old event specific reward-troops e.g. the renegade sai warriors in the Samurai Invasion for our veteran demon horrors/veteran deathly horrors. Those troops have a higher amount of food consumption, but they are generally stronger. We also have the food production build items in our new event rewards in order to compensate for that. 

These changes will apply for all of the new rewards we have implemented into the game up until now, as well as for any rewards coming in the future.  All event specific rewards like boosters, decorations etc. are still there but might vary in numbers. There are slight changes but overall its the same as before. 

By doing this, we want to streamline the troop rewards a lot more, so that you as the players won't be flooded with too many different types of troops anymore."  GGE Announcement 

Just hoping for some more detail on this really this seems a worrying move from my perspective as with different troop types having different stats it allows us more flexibility.  Speed is a particular feature used in terms of storm, RV's, Labs, monuments and this change has drawn some concern in my alliance.  

Would it possible to have an Twitch update from Sebastian on this as he's doing some good work currently on the channel and maybe a video allows a bit longer explanation to be given.  I like the defensive troops in Sams' so given I'm not quite sure which ones the Sai troops are wouldn't want to lose instant defence for more attack troops strategically.  I really like the different troop types and the Dire Wolves remain a personal favourite along with the Thorn Assassins.  We'd lose something if they disappear in my view.  Are we all just going to have one troop type Veteran Demons now a bit like the identicate comms which deny us the chance to innovate or contribute to game development.  

I might be misunderstanding but feels a bit like dumbing the game down and intensifying tower hit hell.  I've been doing the 10 Mill FI and I have to say it hasn't been an enjoyable experience.  Fiddling around with different troop types is a pain but not as painful as trying to hit some of these targets they suck.  
Batten @ en 1


  • Zenzer (GB1)Zenzer (GB1) GB1 Posts: 2,713
    To me, it seems like the developers are having trouble balancing the game. Instead of tweaking and changing stats they are trying to cut down the strategy gameplay. Why try to balance and tweak things when you can just remove it altogether? This saves both time, money and effort.

    An example of a case like this is the lack of commander customization that's available. GGE doesn't want people to experiment with equipments and set bonuses because they are afraid of people being able to create overly powerful commanders. They even stopped pusing out 5 piece commanders. Giving us 9 piece commanders which are designed in a way that it limits the players customization options. 

    I am not too worried about the samurai troop changes as i believe we'll still have access to buy these troops in the samurai vendor, right? 

    However, i am still worried over the direction this game is heading. The fact that they are now switching their attention to the troops available in the game makes me uneasy. 

    The development of this game seems to be all about coming up with quick and simple solutions which are also easy to execute. They are not interested in investing time and effort into the changes they make to the game. Want proof?

    Look at the recent updates. Most of these new equipments are all reskins of old equipments. Some of the new decorations presented in the bloodcrows and foreigns are also reskins. The game is also still full with bugs which have not been fixed yet. Instead of tweaking or changing certain features, they remove it altogether *cough* the wishing well. 

    I do not really know what's going on in the minds of these developers. But i feel that someone over there needs to get fired if this game is to have any future at all. 

    No, i don't play on GB1. 

  • Batten (GB1)Batten (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,104
    I read it that those troops will be removed from the vendors and that this would be applied to all events so you would only get horrors.  I always like the idea of different units from different parts of your empire with different skills that to me seems realistic in terms of how troops were used to perform different strategic functions within a battle.  As empires grow they also grow more diverse so more troops types make sense.  There's a nice narrative to it.  I get too many troops clutters things up a bit but diversity of troops equates nicely to diversity of game player base makes sense.  Is this foreshadowing maybe that Sams is going to be consigned to same black hole as royal cities, blade coast, thorn and underworld.  I don't know just sometimes the level of data on these announcements leaves a bit too much space for confusion.  I don't even remember a discussion about troop types I guess this was an internal thing within GGE don't remember this being a player request maybe from one of the other servers? 
    Batten @ en 1
  • Shares (AU1)Shares (AU1) AU1 Posts: 575
    edited 16.05.2018
    "how much flex do you want its bad enough working out what to have now".. to quote my alliance leader..I hope they take it further and consolidate tools as well..Ive still got xmas tools for instance. 

    anyhow those who want sams etc. sb able to buy them..
    Shares @ au 1
  • UD1 (INT1)UD1 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 2,352
    My Opinion is 

    If they are going to make drastic changes like this , surely taking it to it to the extreme , we should have only 1 type of soldiers you win , and 1 type of soldiers you recruit , and 1 type of attack tools , and 1 type of defence tools 

    but make no mistake this is not for our benefit , it is easier for them not us , and to stop the samurai soldiers which i think are the best soldiers you could have purely based on there stealth .

    but like they say , it is there game not ours , they can change what they please.
    they dont mention vendors, only rewards, so pretty sure youll still be able to get wolves or sam/nom troops in the vendor shop.

    STEVIEBEANZ @ en 1
  • Batten (GB1)Batten (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,104
    I have to admit to being unclear on that.  So essentially they are only talking about replacing any other troops which we win as we score points in nomads, sams, Foreign Invasion and Blood Crow invasion and presumably in the Long term point event with just horrors for everyoner.  And we will still be able to purchase the specialist troops from each specific event shop for Sams, Nomads, FI and BC.  That seems fair enough I guess as everyone is getting more of the stronger troops which will allow them to score more points in FI/BC and cut losses in Nomads and Sams.  I guess sometimes I just find the terminology a bit different to how I would describe something in game.  I understand now I think what an Event Reward troop is.  Guess that may also extend to nobility contests and all places where troops are prizes.  
    Batten @ en 1
  • Philt123 (GB1)Philt123 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,840
    I agree with the streamlining of troops, the main problem though is with the 10 different types of "horrors" you can get all the specific event / monthly troops that are exactly the same stats as horrors.  but are dressed up as skeletons or forrest troops etc depending on what month it is.  The same goes for tools do i really need 15 different type of ladder all with the same stats!!!!  You need to start streamlining the troops with all the same stats, not the troops that offer real variety and offer some real different gameplay options, god forbid you let some strategic thinking into the game!!!!!  

    The Sam troops are nice troops some of the fastest troops around, I hope its just they are getting rid of these from the rewards not in the shop, it would be a real shame to see them go from the game as they offer genuine alternative types of hits, ie fast stealthy hits rather than the normal  slow hits.  

    The vet horrors are an great troop, but yet again we get half an announcement where we are all sat guessing what is actually going to happen,  are the vet horrors going to be given is the same quantity ?  if they are being replaced in the shop are they going to be the same price ?  

    If you are removing them from the game totally are you going to bring out a new troop with same speed ?  Or is it your intention to remove all stratergy from the game, all inovation, like you did with the gem changes which you are doing with the 9 piece commanders, are you not going to be satisfied until we all have exactly the same troops, exactly the same commanders and casts, and we cant customise anything.  Why not just make the game point and click totally?  remove all choices from the player and we just sit there pressing a single button over and over, as thats where it feels like its going.  

    It would be nice to know what the real reason for the removal of these troops is as there is no way its just streamlining the number of troop types that makes no sense at all.  

    Are you also removing the Defensive troops if so what are you replacing them with ??  and will it be a like for like cost?

    there is not enough information to judge this change yet, so i cant see the kick in the nuts quite yet, but I am pretty sure there will be one.  There always is with GGE.  

    Whilst I really appreciate the heads up Angus, we could really do with a bit more info, and a bit of truth as to whats actually behind the thought process of this change.  As the reason given just doesnt stack up.
    Philt123 @ en 1
  • Adriaan (NL1)Adriaan (NL1) NL1 Posts: 87
    They are still there....
  • kampo (US1)kampo (US1) US1 Posts: 283
    we use sami troops for speed not attack power , even though they pack a punch :) They are great for sniping attackers left in outpost during war time :) 
  • KingChampion (ASIA1)KingChampion (ASIA1) ASIA1 Posts: 2,107
    Why GGS wants to make players having all the same few type of soldiers?? 
    Well, I think that's just because my troops are something special u.u so they don't want to keep me having these 
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