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Ruins and hide in map!

hello guys
i am so notice .about why some account will be ruin and hide and some of account not hide and ruin without use protection mode!
i had one friend he didnt open one account for 1 years and half.and  him account not hide on map and when he opened like and the same lvl he played again  and one of my friend just that near one monht he didnt actiev now hide on map aand him all ops hide the same  .if he open that account he will need playing again in begin!

what we should do?!


  • Chokz (INT1)Chokz (INT1) INT1 Posts: 7
    sup Vinson.

    This may sounds crazy, but I also experienced the same thing.
    When I stopped playing half way to my legendary level, I didn't play for half a year.
    My friend told me, my castle turns to ruins. 
    But when I decided to play again, my castle is still standing in the same level-buildings,decorations. But my OPs are gone. also, the location is different. 

    This is my opinion, once you buy ruby it is hard to get rid of your account. As long as you still have your email and account in GGE, the castle will hide but not die.
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