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Bug/Err in attack

Hi , i recive this error when i use fastest mouse movement for attack npc targets : http://prntscr.com/jfku5r
Please make something and eliminate this `warning` , it`s uncorfortable to take that notification two out of three or four towers. 
I make fastest movement for save time , but i lost it beacuse i need to put the attack again . 

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  • dliu3 (US1)dliu3 (US1) Posts: 198US1
    What do you mean "fastest movement"? Are you using a preset or are you manually filling in troops?
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  • BM ang1243 BM ang1243 Posts: 3,836
    Hi @Imperiul.Roman (RO1)

    If you're using a third party piece of software to automatically click on the things you need to - this is actually against the Terms & Conditions (https://www.goodgamestudios.com/terms_en/#terms) of the game - and warnings like that are to prevent this software being used.


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  • janina1 (US1)janina1 (US1) Posts: 49US1
    edited 09.05.2018
    Nice job on the self-bust.
  • Hi again .
    Thanks for your post @BM ang1243 .
    Firstly  , I do not use softwers for facilities in-game . I use presets for towers ( lava npc , sand npc etc. ) . The average time used to attack a tower on the kingdom is about 2 or 3 seconds in my case.(kamikaze preset+specific toewer preset) 
     Indeed , is a very good idea to make anticheat programs but in this case i need to attac slowly tower. 
    PS : If applicable , you can send a message to security team for check my account to see my activity.
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  • Zenzer (GB1)Zenzer (GB1) Posts: 2,609GB1
    I do not believe that there are any cheats involved in this case. I base this on my own observations regarding this error. 

    This error seems to be an actual problem. I know that i get this error myself whenever i am too quick with busting out attacks on towers or nomads/samurais. However, it seems like this error is irregular as sometimes it pops up and sometimes it doesn't. 

    @Manta Birostris

    No, i don't play on GB1. 

  • The "warning" is set in place to prevent fast attacks from occuring and they occur irregularly to make third party softwares harder to use. 
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