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A message about popups



  • David Noble (US1)David Noble (US1) Posts: 2,552
    edited 15.04.2018

    Why is this even worth my time to close? Be honest GGE, will anybody ever buy for... wow, an amazing 5%?!?
    Not to mention that this 5% bonus for the alliance is pathetic in comparison to what it once was when it used to be 100%. Return back the 100% and then maybe just maybe I would buy rubies for the alliance as well. Also, you have a good point as well, because it just seems like a rip off to me for such a small ruby bonus for the alliance. Although, along with this I would demand that their also be less frequent pop ups as well.

    We still get way too many pop ups in my opinion and they have still been a nuisance. Please GGS fix these problems in the next update or perhaps sooner. I mean seriously, would reducing the number of pop ups and replacing this alliance offer with 100% again be too much to ask? In my opinion I would say no, but GGS also needs to listen as well.
    David Noble @ usa 1
  • Well, thanks to the team to stop the terror with every 3 or 4 minutes a new popup freezing the screen/game! 

    It's almost 3 weeks ago that this was going on, and since it was fixed no more problems! 

    Again, no problems with a good deal, popups with logging in and maybe every 30 minutes to an hour is okay. But not every few minutes, something clearly did go wrong somewhere.

    Normaly, i guess, you should have a option to stop playing for the weekend when a problems as this should apear whitout losing soldiers because of the grain problem. 

    So again chears for fixing this popups crazyness, CHEERS! 

  • I have a possible solution: rather than have the pop ups come up one after the other, would it not be possible to make them smaller and have them all appear on the screen at once with a single button on screen to remove them all instead of one at a time?
  • Nambala (AU1)Nambala (AU1) AU1 Posts: 201
    How bout this for an idea - stop sending popups and trying to get us to buy rubies until you start enforcing your own game rules.  When you get rid of some of the multis and other cheats, then I might consider looking at the offers to see if there's anything worth taking up.
    Nambala @ au 1
  • How bout this for an idea - stop sending popups and trying to get us to buy rubies until you start enforcing your own game rules.  When you get rid of some of the multis and other cheats, then I might consider looking at the offers to see if there's anything worth taking up.
    This is not the complaint about the reasons you're a horrible player thread. And, have your excuse being so-called cheats and multis. These players have little to no effect on the game or your gameplay. And, I assure you as will the mods that GGS is banning and suspending players all the time. Now, if you have something to say on the pop-ups issues by all means contribute. Other than that Buck Off or find another thread.

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  • I am somewhat alright with the pop-ups because I understand marketing strategies. However, those large ass icons need to be reduced in size for those who have smaller screens to look through. They ruin my entire game play when every 30 minutes or less something is always popping up either on my screen or in my inbox to debate purchasing or not. It isn't the fact we get them, the fact is those icons need reduced and moved to somewhere not affecting the "free game play" choice I am given. I have played other goodgames and I know these icons can be made SMALLER. I understand also the large icons are marketing ploys too, to remain in constant vision of the player. Look at my link below and please and be honest .... does this look like I have a lot of room to see what is going on when I play the game and it decides to throw icons at me back to back? I could see having the pop up come into my face when it is introduced to the game for the player to see, but when the red X is clicked to close, that icon should go to where the other ones go (Like with the arrows) but only in a corner near something else like below where my coin total is.


    Thank you for reading,
    Sur5r - Leader of Pale Riders
    An Original Alliance on the map, since game started.
  • Maybe under the list of settings under "options" there should be added something that gives you the option to not see pop up ads in front of your face. By default there would be a check mark for something like "show pop up ads" added to the list of "options", but you could turn it off if you do not want to see them. In addition to that, like what Jemna pointed out the pop ups should also be significantly reduced in size as well. Also reduce the frequency of pop ups as well by not having pop ups show up after every single time something new is being offered. Only something important like ruby discount offers or limited time decoration offers instead of showing ads for "buying rubies" that you could just as easily find without the pop up ads showing up almost non stop.
    David Noble @ usa 1
  • @David Noble (US1) I think the options should be:
    1. Get less ads every hour and the ones you do get will be slightly worse
    2. Get 2 ads per hour with minutely good deals
    3. get 1 ad per day with absolutely shocking deals and an extra bit of lag in your gameplay for being a stinge : )
  • Idealy I am having a poke at GGS but it doesn't sound like it.
  • Rakan (SKN1)Rakan (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 236
    The popups reminds me why i dont buy rubies any more,because even if i do they are still there anoying my game,a nice feature woud be to remove them during the time boosters are on... =)
    Rakan @ skn 1
  • Nambala (AU1)Nambala (AU1) AU1 Posts: 201
    In looking around to find an alternative to this very broken game, I found one where the popup offers work.

    You log in, there is one big pop up with a scroll to see what offers are on (not 5 minutes waiting for all the pop up offers to load one after the other so you can close them down one after the other).  Then when you close it down, it sits on the side of the screen and flashes and glows at you.  You can play the game or you can get tempted.  But you CAN play the game.  Not like this one where it's actually often difficult to play because of the pop ups.  I have lost so many troops by trying to change castellans when I have multiple incomings, only to end up with half a casta somewhere because a bunch of popups prevented me finishing the changeover in time.  Or I've missed sending support to an alliance incoming because time was short and half way through sending, I have to wait a minute for a half dozen pop ups.

    It's massively frustrating and does NOT encourage me to buy.  Ever.  On the occasions I've bought, it's been because I need something and I go through what offers are around to see whether what I want is available
    Nambala @ au 1
  • Amarok (US1)Amarok (US1) US1 Posts: 112


  • TheBigO (ASIA1)TheBigO (ASIA1) ASIA1 Posts: 106
    popup offers are really stupid today. I don't mind when a new offer comes up, but to keep popping the same offers every 5 mins is ridiculous.
    TheBigO @ WWW 1
  • Rakan (SKN1)Rakan (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 236
    popup offers are really stupid today. I don't mind when a new offer comes up, but to keep popping the same offers every 5 mins is ridiculous.
    yes i notised that,it scares me away from game even more !
    Rakan @ skn 1
  • sax (NL1)sax (NL1) NL1 Posts: 11
    Now all this lagging is going on, the pop-ups are terrible. It has become much harder to click them away. For me it would be great if they came much less frequent. The icons down in the screen are enough for me...
  • Diavolo (US1)Diavolo (US1) US1 Posts: 655
    it's bad enough the ads pop up right in the middle of the screen every 5 mins.   blocking anything you may be trying to do at the moment..but then they leave the stupid things mimized from the bottom of the screen up to the middle, can't click on anything around them without causing them to open up and block everything once more... put them all together at the bottom or one side and keep em out of the game screen for cryin out loud.....
    Yes. The adds should all stay on the left side of the screen. Maybe even minimized so that if we want to buy them, we can scroll through, see which we like.
    Hidingfromyou @ usa 1
  • Amarok (US1)Amarok (US1) US1 Posts: 112
    When the fan on my laptop speeds up and GGE freezes I *sigh* and make this face cause I know a string of ads is coming. 
    Image result for frustrated meme



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