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New suggestions for outer kingdoms

To make the other kingdoms more exciting and fun to play in I have come up with an event suggestion and a barracks idea.

Just like how there are events in the Great Empire such as Nomads, Samurai...etc.  I suggest that there should be an event for the outer kingdoms as well similar to the ones in Great Empire with the event camps outside the castles. This event should be pvp (to make the game more pvp focus and not repetitive) where you collect points, coins,tablets or whatever. With these currencies you collect you can buy items, equipment and troops in a similar fashion to samurais and nomads. 

Usual troops (troops that you can train for coins and troops you get as rewards) should have a disadvantage when defending or attacking in outer kingdoms due to the weather which they are not used to, for example if you are fighting in snow and you are not used to it you will not fight efficiently. So this is where the barracks come in: there could be a conscription camp or a barrack that recruits troops who live locally and will not have disadvantage when fighting. 
I know you can also buy local troops with resources.

Of course this is just rough idea.
Give feedback to whether you like it or not and what you would change about it.

Thanks for reading.


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