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Where are all the rage offers!

UltimateJhon (GB1)UltimateJhon (GB1) Posts: 642
edited 18.03.2018 in General Discussion
all of Odins sitting here waiting to get going and you keep putting out these trash 250% offers....We don’t want any more 250% offers, I’ve counted 20 of them! 


  • EU.Street_Dog (INT2)EU.Street_Dog (INT2) INT2 Posts: 264
    edited 18.03.2018
    agree i am looking for skips only as well. expecially for 24h skips for arhitect and khan but they no give us so many. there are offers for skips but with tools or some shits that i no need when i attack khan this no gives me so many boost

    actually i personally buy gifts , boosters solders tools and so on ,,,not rubies, as you said 250% booster is stupid when you buy it 3-4 times. the game gives us too much deco items, commanders, solders, tools i saved 400k for war time only . same samurai i dont buy nothing just no need . there are better deco for free or better commanders for example blood commandeer totaly free 

    in the end i want to say to gge again bonuses are not so good no gives us enoght boost i mean 65k or 120k packets(24x24hskips need to spend 30euro to attack Khan 24 times ? THIS IS A JOKE DONT KIDDING ME).

    please make packets more attractive

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