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Nomad Weekend 4/10/18 Thread Compilation



  • Pieter Cornelis (NL1)Pieter Cornelis (NL1) NL1 Posts: 314
    edited 10.03.2018
    @happlo: If they did what most of there costummers want: They freeze the game/grain, and stop Berimond and restart the Nomad invasion as quickly as possible.

    I'm a rubbie buyer, but i won't gonna buy rubbie's for a while now, and i hope that many buyers follow this until they make up for there mistake. I'm gonna mis the seasonevent-commander this time, because i calculated this Nomadevent tot get at least 50 to 65% of the seasonpoints needed. I'm not gonna play hardcore that stupid Berimond invasion. And what garantee do we have that the next Nomadinvasion, or others for that matter, wil last until the end? And maybe its just good this way en and gonna skip the seasonevents completely in the future.  

    I think we most go all on strike until they fixed the Nomad invasion and restart it, then i/we will have the complete sunday to make up for the losses. (That you never make up.)
  • gatorman (US1)gatorman (US1) US1 Posts: 2
    this is not fair  we didnt get our PO items  or  tools we buy  with tokens  & medals from the  khan  
    gatorman @ usa 1
  • @ThreshDyr: Hear, Hear! I can only agree!
  • DK Banana (GB1)DK Banana (GB1) GB1 Posts: 84
    Simple action
    Do not buy rubies until GGS sort themselves out.
    May need a general ceasefire and/or we go back to wooden tools and coin troops for PvP
    If only 40-50 % of players do this, it will send a strong message - nothing like hitting them where it hurts.
    They keep hitting us where it hurts (we plan our game time, aim for particlar positions and rewards and GGS screw it up.

  • gazz65 (GB1)gazz65 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 710
    I bought a blow up doll from shop and its burst as soon as i pricked it.
    can you please give me my money back.

    well your all getting what you deserve , you all pay in 2 goodgamegreed and you
    all want to be the best and this is the shit they give you back.

    the day ggg finish as a game cant come quick enough and I am going 2 hang around until 
    its finally fucked.
  • Even worse is all my alliance members are in need of gold now. Some don't even have 1m gold and it's very much needed when playing berimond invasion... I understand attacking towers is always there but for up and coming players it's not really "there"...Just my opinion...
    ImagineDragons @ WWW 1 (RIP in pepe)
    ThreshDyr @ WWW 2
  • Always some BS GGE, I had well over 30K tabs and wasted my time, money, men.....wtf is the point, you guys don't give a damn. All you are going to do is the same TOKEN BS here are a few men, sorry ect ect ect. You know this will lead to another boycott don't you? $$$$$$ is all you care about. 

    ammjtlb @ usa 1
  • Looks like another boycott is gearing up already, this BS never ends.
    ammjtlb @ usa 1
  • flug (NL1)flug (NL1) NL1 Posts: 1,735
    really Goofy Game empire?   putting the vendor next to my castle???? because of need for horsetails................how do i buy this ?    with tablets i couldn't win because of stopping nomads?

    very funny. :(
    flug @ nl 1
  • UD1 (INT1)UD1 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 2,322
    Another kick in the teeth , putting the vendor shop up , it like they taking the [email protected] out of us 
  • Another kick in the teeth , putting the vendor shop up , it like they taking the [email protected] out of us 
    lo yup you need tokens to buy tails and i've only 5k ish - not using now going to wait til sat so qualifies for LTPE points ! attacked a 2.5k one with red flags = 40k instead of 100k glory so going to be a grind - but on a better note those dweebs who are on my hit list are going to be visited soon ! ( quite a few were involved in the server war)

    dandelion1958 @ en 1

    Am still playing 8 years on ! - hi lvl 800 on new yrs eve (2017/18) !

    Leading the Targaryens - PS interested in joining - PM any officer in Game :-)
    taking a more relaxed role:-)
    PS in top200 on uk 1 never botted or used a VPN - that's why it took 5 yrs to get to leg 800
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