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March Update: Summary | 05/03/2018|⌚ Start ~ 6.00-12.00 CET | ⌛ Downtime ~ 6 hours

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Brave warriors,

Here is our patch notes summary of the upcoming update!


  • Attack of the Shapeshifters rework [LINK]

  • New Alliance Tournament [LINK]

  • Monthly Content Package for March 2018 [LINK]

    • The Emerald Trial

    • Updated pricing and additional event tools in offers 
    • New reward for the Royal Quest Campaign

Additional Changes:

We will adjust the watchtowers in our Berimond event by increasing the necessary number of attacks significantly. 
We see that some servers are much stronger than others and they are getting to the capital much faster than intended.
That brings two problems:
  • As you know, on some stronger servers, players can reach the capital and defeat it, which could lead to the inevitable server crash.
  • As a result of that, those players/servers couldn't complete some of the Royal quests. That's why we need to change it.

Upcoming Events - March 2018

You can find the full plan of our events for March in our EVENT PLAN 
Here you can only find the details on the Royal Quest Campaign. 

 Royal Quest (13th-1st of April)

  • Berimond (13th-15th of March)
  • Berimond (15th-17th of March)
  • Nomads (17th-18th of March)
  • Nomad+Khan (18th-20th of March)
  • Generic (20th-23rd of March)
  • Storm Islands (23rd-25th of March)
  • Generic (25th-28th of March)
  • Glory (28th-31st of March)

Planned Final Rewards:
  • The Fish (Decoration, 320 PO)
  • Food production build item (level 9)

Some changes to the events schedule are still possible. We will let you know if any adjustments are necessary. 

Bug Changelog:

    • Storm Islands Tools: The end of the Storm Islands was exploited to double tools you owned. After the fix, outgoing troops transfer from the island kingdom will be blocked 2 hours before reset of Storm Islands.
    • The "Daily Shapeshifter report" notifications were missing the Shapeshifter icon in "all messages". 
    • Berimond Invasion: Reputation change values were displayed as "0/0" on the attack results screen after attacking the Berimond camp.
    • Military - Recruit: The info button was not clickable in the "Recruitment" tab in the barracks.
    • Royal quest campaign: Condition to heal units lead to empty dialog if no hospital was built in main castle
    • Royal quest campaign: "Show me" buttons stopped reacting after clicking on the "Show me" button for the "Recruit attackers" condition. 
    • Quest book: After clicking the "Show me" button, it lead to the previously opened research tab in the "Wonders of Science" quest. 
    • One Time Offers: The "No treasure left" notification was displayed in the game after opening the "Special Offer" for the first time.
    • King of Shadows Quest 4/10: Nothing was shown in the game after clicking "Show me!" button for that quest.

You can discuss this update HERE!

The plan is to release the update on 5th of March 2018. The downtime is planned to be longer than usual due to internal hardware/server moves inside our data centre. We will start with the update procedure early in the morning ~ 6 am CET. The downtime is expected to be up to 6 hours long. Of course, food will be frozen during that longer downtime. But as always, do not take the aforementioned times as guaranteed, be aware of possible delays due to unforeseen circumstances.

Your Empire Family

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