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Discussion Thread: March Update



  • Nooooooooooooooooooooooo
    you destroy one of the best events!
    The last  PvP event is over! 

  • That's not an Alliance Tournament. I think I'm gonna cry :(

    The reasoning for the change is as logical as Cathy Newman. There's an issue with the reward system so you change the event entirely... the changes don't even have anything to do with the rewards. It appears it still do to glory boosting and it's as if the developers forgot about it entirely and then last second they're like "Oh crap, I just remembered why we stopped that event. Doh! Let's just make it a seasonal event for an alliance vs individual so we can call it a day and go home."
    What in the flying f*ck? So they decided to take away the PvP AT to a EVENT Seasonal AT? LMAO
    USACyberMonkey @ usa 1
    FU Recruiter
  • This is all pretty disappointing. One of the things I like(d) about Shapeshifters was that you could do well at it without buying rubies; it took some skill instead of just money and grinding. Now it will be another event you can buy, just like most of the others on here.

    As for the new AT, I was never a big fan of the original one, but some people liked it, and I was willing to go with it. I don't really see the point of an AT based on the seasonal event--that's just more of the same. Further, I'm concerned because, it's not clear to me what the timing is supposed to be, but if this new "AT" lasts for the whole season event, and players are denied rewards if they leave alliance mid-event, that will make it hard to do event visits with other alliances. This is something that can be a lot of fun to do--to visit with old friends or get to know people in a different group. 
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  • lool its joke?
    all players get headace and boring becouse this events and wait tournament to have 1-2 day fun
    think time to find new game  this one  not fun anymore
    destroy all what wos interesting in game 
    who  care this events in war game? think more ruby will buy? not sure 

  •  in this 'new' tournament not only boring players ,this players who are not strong yet lost chance to reach good results
    where this balase program?
    in old tournament everyone have chanse and make players more active
  • David Noble (US1)David Noble (US1) Posts: 2,552
    edited 27.02.2018
    Having the alliance tournament similar to seasonal monthly events could be a good way to kill the point of pvp and it might also result in some players to stop spending money on the game or possibly even quit the game entirely. If GGS really wants to generate more money from us including from the non ruby buyers then I think they should actually try to encourage more pvp and not make it just another event where we have to grind our way up to the top like the seasonal monthly events. Is this a war game which was the main focus I think when this game first started or an event game? I would say this much that I think the game was originally not an event game to begin with, but a war game. Now their focus seems to be more upon events than pvp.
    David Noble @ usa 1
  • Peter John (US1)Peter John (US1) US1 Posts: 837
    Just like all of the other events and invasions it would appear to be that GGS has turned the Shapeshifter event into something where you have to buy rubies to benefit the most out of the event and it still does not address the problem either about concerns of the event being too short or that it may not occur frequently enough if it were to be only five days long. Even with the reduced costs for the set it had better be reduced significantly enough to motivate people to get the full set especially if the event is only going to be five days long and only once a month. Otherwise, it would sound like to me that you might have to buy rubies if you really want the complete set in a timely manner that will not take up to three years or more to get the complete set.
    Shocking... I did NOT see that coming... not from GGS...
  • GGE are liars! why call it alliance tournament if its obviously NOT! i mean come on GGE u know that was misleading and sly getting peoples hopes up like that. Should of just said WE ARE ADDING ALLIANCE REWARDS TO MONTHLY EVENTS. cuz thats basically all u are doing this isnt the alliance tournament we want! who cares if people r cheating slaughtering defenders for glory just leaves them defensless for real attacks

  • Don't we already have enough tied to seasonal points and the seasonal events? Winter assault, the rewards/equipment...

    The alliance tournament used to be a unique interesting event, now it seems like the whole game is becoming more and more focused on the big 4 events, FC, BL, nomads, and samurai, and since nomads and samurai are similar as well as foreign castles and bloodcrow.... we're basically doing 2 different things for the whole game now.

    GGE Game dev 1-
    "Hey! I see a crack in the floor! THIS IS HORRIBLE! WHAT SHOULD WE DO?!?"
    GGE Game dev 2-
    "Let's stick dynamite in it, if we blow the whole house up nobody will ever know there was a crack!"


    Atleast it's better than it never returning at all... I guess.

  • JYT (US1)JYT (US1) US1 Posts: 895
    so you know how you can't actually touch anything because of the electrions' repulsive force?
    well i am  *this* close to quitting.

    I believe that I interpret the will of the people when I say this.
    Discord: JYT#1574
  • To be honest, have nothing to say about the shape shifters event changes. But, as for the AT, I don't think they could've changed much as to make it fair if it is based upon glory. The AT isn't directly linked to the monthly events because I doubt it will be along with every monthly, and I am quite looking forward to it if the rewards are somewhat achievable for the lower level alliances that cant get as far in the monthly when it comes to points. I look forward to the changes GGS has made to the AT and I support the GGS team for making these changes. Least, technically, people have a chance.
  • Batten (GB1)Batten (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,104
    Points for defence in Shapeshifters is a great idea.  I lost interest in defending a bit last time with Khan running at the same time.  

    The boosters is a disaster though.  Please don't do that it will just end the event as a contest and the interesting results we've been having just become a procession again.  It's the one event where there is parity please don't fiddle with that.  Providing boosters doesn't solve the issue of how long attacks take for some players who can't complete rounds in time.  With the best will in the world with the commanders we have which produce good results why would we buy another one.  Given the event is balanced down the rankings it makes no sense to purchase something which is either over equipped or under equipped for what you need.  You be better saving up what you'd spend on them across the iterations and buying a decent all purpose commander.  It looks pretty nice job art department again but in terms of game logic and buying patterns not sure it makes sense.  

    Not entirely sure what feedback you based the update on but I'd have thought you'd let it run for a bit longer.  Really, really dislike the boosters totally contrary to the whole PVP ethos.  Just feels wrong to me.  Horrible idea.  

    Hopeful the alliance tournament using the comps isn't the update to the alliance system reference before Christmas if it is that would be a real disappointment.  It would be a change as such just an extension of what we already have for the other events.  Given it disadvantages alliances with less players not sure unless you are doing a per player average it will reflect actual performance.  An alliances with 30 level 800 isn't really comparable to one with none.  And if you keep giving more and more rewards to a couple of alliances it undoes all the good work you've been doing with getting lower level players PO and food capacity up.  Had no idea quite how big that gap was.  It is huge.  Couldn't we just have more titles like Storm or Berimond.  

    Batten @ en 1
  • I'm very disapointed from the new event but nothing new to expect
    i don't think that the game should be changing anything unless is really not liked for example shapeshiffters
    i was looking forward to the pvp but unfortunately there will be no more pvp tournament
    It is sad that they are changing one of, or even the most liked event in the whole game
    it was the only time you can atack another player without getting your teammates dragged into war
    unluckly i was able to experience this amazing tournament once in my life and reading the news just make me feel sad

    talking about shapeshiffters i think they are good as you can do pvp during them and the commander and castellan are pretty amazing as well

  • niko_356 (BG1)niko_356 (BG1) BG1 Posts: 22
    the first shapeshiffters were good but they started to spoil them too
    the new change with the defense is also good and well complements the event as before the defense was overlooked

    the original tournament of glory was one of the equivalent events but after the change and the ruby (extra watches bought with rubies and bonus points for the month bought with rubies)

    the personal tournament for glory was even better because there could be players from small alliances but it stopped

    in the allied city there were no bonus points and was equal but he stopped
    niko_356 @ bg 1
  • Shares (AU1)Shares (AU1) AU1 Posts: 575
    I made the tremendous effort to login just to say that the initial proposed mechanism of the Alliance Tournament is a terrible idea and I ( and many others ) will not compete in it.
    you will compete by default anyway...
    Shares @ au 1
  • edited 28.02.2018
    well guys, slow down you do need to realize that they brought berimond invasion back without any bugs ( that i know off ) so thats kinda great.

    so give them a break, i mean they repair something and then they want to [email protected]!ck something else up thats compleetly normal. and if they dont screw something up they dont have anything to do and then  they are out of a job :wink:
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