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March teasers

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Dear warriors,

We have some news for you this week about our two events Attack of the Shapeshifters and Alliance Tournament. Let’s dive into the sea-full of changes and details!

Attack of the Shapeshifters rework:

  • We have received varied feedback about our new battle calculation system and one of the main pain points was the problem of defense underestimation. This is why we decided to improve our point formula and after the update, defenders will also get Charms after a successful defense.

  • With this update, we will also implement a new exclusive bonus which can be used only in the Shapeshifter event: “Charm Booster”. It increases the number of shapeshifter charms earned when attacking shapeshifter totems and you can use multiple charm boosters per attack.

  • From now on your castle will be surrounded by 10 Shapeshifter enemies. To attack each target you will need “Attack runes” and you will be able to choose your 5 opponents from a broader pot of 10 Shapeshifters now. Every day you will get 5 Runes for free and you can purchase the other 5 for premium currency. Your ranking will still be counted according to your best Point Series. Each additional Rune will help you to continue the best series or to start a new one.

  • Insignias payout for a place in the ranking will be adjusted too. Here is an example of Insignias players level 70+ will get:


Insignias points































25601 and lower


Following numbers are given only for level 70+, but this feature was changed for all levels.

  • On the other hand, we will significantly lower the price of the Shapeshifter equipment items from the set "Materials of the Master Summoner", decoration, and material sacks in the Insignias shop, to make it more affordable to all of you and to make it fit to new event iterations.

  • During Attack of the Shapeshifters event, the Equipment trader will now offer you a new temporary equipment set.

    • The duration of the set will be 7 days long and it will have unique bonuses which will work only on Shapeshifter targets.

    • Every item will already be set to level 20, and you do not need the help of Technicus for this set.

    • Please note that it is impossible to embed gems in any of the equipment items from this set.

    • Here is the set:

Armor of the rune guards:

Morphing armor (Armor, lvl 20)

+47% combat strength for melee units
-52% enemy wall protection
-48% enemy gate protection

Flame blade (Weapon, lvl 20)

+46% combat strength for ranged units
-52% enemy gate protection
-48% enemy wall protection

Rune helm (Helmet, lvl 20)

+43% combat strength for melee units
-36% enemy moat protection
+30% later army detection

Blood orb (Artifact, lvl 20)

+44% combat strength for ranged units
+30% later army detection
-34% enemy moat protection

Rune guard (Hero, lvl 20)

+20% combat strength when attacking the courtyard of shapeshifter totems
+10% unit limit on the flanks when attacking shapeshifter totems
Bonus effects:
+80% army travel speed
+25% unit limit on the flanks when attacking shapeshifter totems
+70% combat strength when attacking the courtyard of shapeshifter totems
+25% shapeshifter charms earned when attacking shapeshifter totems

We will keep a track on the performance this set and its influence on the overall game and event experience.

NEW Alliance tournament:

  • Let us introduce a new type of Alliance tournament to you.

  • Your goal in this event will be to get as many Season points (For example, points in Ice Championship) for your alliance in order to get as many activity rewards, and rewards for top place in the ranking as possible.

  • Obviously, you need to fight bravely against various invaders during the tournament - as you do during long-term point events.

  • Season points, which are obtained by any alliance member are added up to form the Alliance tournament points.

  • If you leave or are kicked out of your alliance, you can no longer participate in the event. The points you won for your previous alliance will remain in that alliance. The event camp will no longer be visible to you, even if you join another alliance.

You are all aware of the exploit problem in Alliance tournament which was connected to Glory as the main criteria of measurement. This system brought unfair competition in the event and we have now changed it.

We understand that the structure of the Alliance tournament was changed significantly with these adjustments. This change is only the first step to make the Tournament optimal. We will also consider other mixed criteria in the future in order to improve interest in this event.

As usual - we're sure you'll have a lot to say about the update - so let us know what you think in the discussion thread here!


Your Community Team
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