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Leveling Up

Fastest way to level up? 
Obviously activity is key, but would you say do the quests with dwellings and res production even if you loot enough res anyway, just for the extra exp?

Also if you think there are any other ways to quickly level up, which attacks give most exp so i can put banners on them ect that would be great.

Also please don't say buy exp 

lvl 40
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  • Herveus (AU1)Herveus (AU1) AU1 Posts: 11,066
    I'd suggest to not even try to level up fast cause when you do you will not be properly developed once you reach level 70.

    You need or want help to become a better player shoot me a message in the forums or here I'll gladly help you out for free

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    ibernation nov2019-now
  • However once i'm lvl 70 (this is asia server) it's so easy to get top 50 in any event with just a bit of activeness each day.
    For example 50th in fl at the moment is like 250k glory, like that's really not hard to do lol,
    So the quicker i reach there, i may have not as many comms as i'd like or buildings or po items but by the time i get 5 waves then everything will be sorted.

    So just seeing if there are any tips from people to level up quicker.
    lvl 40
    Proud Member of Lord Winchester
                                 Death Legion
  • Venom (ASIA1)Venom (ASIA1) ASIA1 Posts: 2,232
    I mean, you could do those quests and not upgrade your farmhouses and just making granaries once level 70... Plus you have 2, 8 food OPs so you can hold heaps of troops there..
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  • OxO (AU1)OxO (AU1) AU1 Posts: 962
    Best thing you can do is accumulate tools at a low level. Win events off of extreme activity and not using a shit load of tools, and to get at least 2 sets of castellan unique gear and 3 commander gears, and a samurai cast if you can manage. That should set you up nicely, rush into all the kingdoms and get started on the towers asap. 

    I don't see the point in doing the quests honestly, just get the basics up. Barracks, siege workshop, towers/wall/gate/keep, farmhouses I guess, resource buildings until you get the hunting lodge, marketplace, storehouse and that should be all. And also ruby buildings, (stable, bakery, watchtower in that order everywhere).

    And at that point you should be set for a comfortable move from 69-70, depending on what your outposts are it can be easier/harder

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