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Hotfix | 15/12/2017|⌚ Start 9.30-13.00 CET | ⌛ Downtime ~ 60 mins

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Hey Everyone,

We plan to have the hotfix on Friday 15th of December.

Here is a list of the issues that should be fixed:
  • Daily Tasks: Incorrect amount of finished daily tasks was shown.

  • Shapeshifter - Tools were not used in the attack against shapeshifter targets.

  • Shapeshifter - Tools are not displayed in the battle report after defending the attack from Shapeshifter enemy.

  • Legendary Skill: Skills "Ruthless" and "Sword brother" were not working against Foreign and Bloodcrow invaders.

  • Daily Tasks: Not all rewards were shown in reward dialog after finishing 9 tasks.

If we find that we will be able to fix more bugs by tomorrow morning, we will update this list with new solved issues.  

Thank you for your patience,

Your Empire Family

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