Research and Might Points

Just a quick question I have completed all the research but wondered whether research contributed towards the overall might point score it never seems to have been factored in but did occur to me that it may be included in some way as that would make sense in terms of showing how developed a players account was and it does differentiate in terms of strength.  It also represent an incentive to do research.  I also wondered whether crafting is now factored into might points as well.  I know some forum members have done an incredible job of providing us with might point breakdowns in the past (as well as the equipment stats info and achievement info) just wanted to see if anyone had worked that out?  Useful to know in terms of Shapeshifters given the matchmaking going forward.   
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    Will Test it once I am home but do not think so , just passively the bonuses make you have more food production ---> more troops ---> more might points. Will test it to be sure though.

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