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Equipment Trader Gem Purchase Limits

BM ang1243 BM ang1243 Posts: 3,836
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Hey everyone!

As you may have noticed, more and more equipment sets have become available for you in the Equipment trader camp. If one player has a few specific items, they can be extremely powerful - this was not intended to happen. In order to avoid another Gem rework and limit some gem stat caps, we decided to limit the availability of these items -players can purchase them only once in this camp. 

The adjustment was made on 27th of September and we are extremely sorry we did not inform you in good time.

Here is the list of items purchasable only once in the Equipment trader camp:

Power of the elements:

  • Sacred tree armor
  • Fire starter
  • Storm helmet
  • Eternal spring water
  • Elementalist
  • Ignis
  • Aqua
  • Terra
  • Aura

Legacy of the Eagle Demon:

  • Nechra's breastplate
  • Nechra's greataxe
  • Nechra's helmet
  • Nechra's bracelet
  • Son of the eagle
  • Lizard's eye
  • Eagle's eye
  • Fly's eye
  • Goat's eye
Once again, please, accept our apologies for the late announcement of this change.

Your Empire Family
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