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End of November 2017 Update: Summary | 20/11/2017|⌚ Start 9.30-13.00 CET | ⌛ Downtime ~ 60 mins

ang1243 (GB1)ang1243 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 3,834

Brave warriors,

Here is our patch notes summary of the upcoming update!


  • Monthly Content Package for November 2017 [LINK]

    • The Merry Moon Festivities are upon us!

      • New Units

      • New Tools

      • New 5 Piece Commander Set (Level 10-49)

      • New 9 Piece Commander Set (Level 50+)

      • New Decorations

    • New Material bags

    • Finally new gift peddler packages

    • Return unused tools for attackers

    • Other Changes

Additional Changes:

  • For a long time, you have not seen the hero 'Guardian of the Khan', which was previously available as Top 1 reward in Nomad invasion event. After the update, you will be able to purchase this hero in the event shop for Khan tablets.

Upcoming Events - December 2017

 The Merry Moon Festivities event (27th of November - 2nd of January)
 Samurai Invasion (1st-5th of December)
 War of the Realms (5th-9th of December)
 Nomad Invasion & Khan's Revenge (9th-13th of December)
 War of the Bloodcrows (13th-16th of December)
 Samurai Invasion (16th-20th of December)
 War of the Realms (20th-23rd of December)
 Nomad Invasion (NO Khan's Revenge) (23d-28th of December)
 War of the Bloodcrows (28th of December-2nd of January)
 The Battle for Berimond (29th of December-2nd of January)

Some changes to the events schedule are still possible. We will let you know if any adjustments are necessary. 
The schedule for the Royal quest campaign will be added at a later point as soon as the dates are confirmed.

Bug Changelog:

  • Quest book: There were no help button or hints displayed in the new quest book design.
  • Berimond: The quest book was empty when entering Berimond via event icon in the main castle.
  • Questbook: New questbook was limited to show only 3 rewards.
  • Defense: Wrong amount of tools were displayed in the defense menu.
  • Economy: Market Barrow triggered "Busy carts" error message even when carts were available.
  • Royal quest campaign: Quest condition was displayed with a textID.
  • King's Market - Flour mill vanes colors did not update correctly after changing coat of arms colors. 

You can discuss this update HERE!

The plan is to release the update on 20th of November 2017. The Downtime is planned to be around ~60 minutes. But as always, do not take this as guaranteed, be aware of possible delays due to unforeseen circumstances.

Your Empire Family

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