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October/November Update 2017 - Summary | 25/10/2017|⌚ Start 9.30-13.00 CEST | ⌛ Downtime ~ 60 mins

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Brave warriors,

Here is our patch notes summary for the upcoming update!


  • Quest book redesign [LINK]

  • Royal quest campaigns [LINK]

  • Time skips and cooldown adjustments [LINK]

  • Monthly Content Package [LINK]

    • A new Winter equipment

    • A new way to improve your Marketplace

    • New stages for “Genius” research

Upcoming Events - November 2017

 Samurai Invasion (1st-5th of November)

 War of the Realms (5th-9th of November)

 Nomad Invasion & Khan's Revenge (9th-13th of November)

 War of the Bloodcrows (13th-17th of November)

 Samurai Invasion (17th-21st of November)

 War of the Realms (21st-24th of November)

 Nomad Invasion & Khan's Revenge (24th-27th of November)  

 War of the Bloodcrows (27th-1st of December)

 The Battle for Berimond (28th-1st of December)

Bug Changelog:

- Fixed a building issue: Forge can be built in outposts and other kingdoms now
- Fixed an issue with broken offers that led to Flash errors
- Localization improvements for several in-game offers
- Minor localization improvements

You can discuss this update HERE!

The plan is to release the update on 25th of October 2017 somewhere between 9:30 and 13:00 CEST. The Downtime is planned to be around ~60 minutes. But as always, do not take this as guaranteed, be aware of possible delays due to unforeseen circumstances.

Your Empire Family

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