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Bot Banning: Intermediate results

Dear community,

We have just finished our most recent ban wave and we would like to share the results of our painstaking work. It is our 10th Battle against third-party software usage and we have noticed a huge improvement in this war. The war began on 21st of February 2017 and here are some of the results so far:

  • Overall 4,794 players were banned on all servers across all 10 waves of bans.

  • We executed 7,011 individual bans: 4,783 bans for 12 hours, 1,553 bans for 24 hours, 551 bans for 72 hours and 124 permanent bans.

  • 6 out of 7 players stopped using additional programs right after their first ban. This means that around 85% of players who were initially detected by our system were not detected to be using bots in the next wave, although some of them were detected again in later iterations.

  • 2 out of 3 players completely stopped using third-party programs after the first detection.

  • Our Bot Detection System discovered around 3 million inappropriate actions across all players.  

This statement does not mean we will stop our detection program and it’s just the beginning of our efforts. We will keep a close look on the bot players and fight hard against third-party programs. There will be more ban waves in the future!

Best regards,

Your Empire Family.

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  • ali hassan (INT1)ali hassan (INT1) INT1 Posts: 272
    Probably people used bots to recruit thats not a problem now those 4k people did a big mistake

  • Yea spot on, you edited it out, I put it back in.  

    links up again boys and girls.  Feel free to keep removing it, until I get a reason WHY ill keep posting it.  
  • Man with all the hate thats spreading through every community, im just happy that im not a mod.
  • Yep, you say that they have all been banned. How the hell do we know you are actually telling the truth ???? Name and shame, should not be a problem, they have failed to comply with your terms and conditions, so just do it !!!!  now, if you would only spend as much (supposedly) time and effort on getting rid of multis, THAT would be an improvement. Even when you get the evidence presented to you on a silver platter, you still do sweet FA. Hide behind the " oh we are not allowed to tell you" so-called rules. Just a bunch of remfs !!!!!
    makale @ au 1
  • Philt123 (GB1)Philt123 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,839
    If thats the case then there really is no hope if some people are above the rules, then it really is just a farce.
    Philt123 @ en 1
  • maverique (GB1)maverique (GB1) GB1 Posts: 126
    Interesting phil.

    Maybe banning gregg and ya bf finker both useless players on bots may assist gge....

    I dont look at loot only I use patterns...and I will say it straight...finker and gregg use bots...

    Secondly on folk using multis...leaders cant accuse giving keys to deps.

    maverique @ en 1
  • mal21 (US1)mal21 (US1) Posts: 92
    edited 20.10.2017
    why don't you make this a weekly thing instead of a 7 month thing?


  • Philt123 (GB1)Philt123 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,839
    i will say for the record again anyone using a bot deserves to be banned period, no exeptions, and I hope GGE ban every bot user in the game.  Regardless of how many rubies they spend or dont.

    as for what constitues a multi, for me its simple anyone logging into more than one account on a server is a multi.

    Philt123 @ en 1
  • maverique (GB1)maverique (GB1) GB1 Posts: 126

    A multi is a person logging into an account not originally owned.......

    Ie someone using an account not pre owned,,,,,,,,,,,,,do you know any phil?......does ya leader allor a dep on main p hil..........I deny 0 but I wont acceot an idioy like you spouting ya fat gob on conceot ya free of it...

    If you come on forum be wise,savvy ,honest.....dont come and give folk crap...

    I see you ignoring my uestion on ya leader?........and also my question on ya clown of a dep ...........gregg dont hide...you let trap go ...xxxxxxxx
    maverique @ en 1
  • A multi is someone running more than 1 account on a particular server. Does not matter if they have their pet goldfish's password and go in to give it food, that is still being a multi !!!
    GGE will do sweet FA about this, cos for the most part the multis spend money, and really that's all GGE give a flying fekk about.
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, i know it is a business blah, blah, blah...heard it all before. But what they are doing now is killing the game. They let bots and multis flourish. They tell us they have banned people, and we are meant to take them at their word. I have a nice bridge for you to buy in Sydney if you want it !!!!
    makale @ au 1
  • Batten (GB1)Batten (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,104
    Firstly thank you for your efforts.  I think this is progress.  What's sad is your response only came after significant pressure from players not as a result of internal commitment to enforcing the games terms and conditions.  Clearly the scale of the issue is significantly greater than those of us who originally asked for action ever realised.  How on earth was it possible for us to get to a situation where you allowed 3 million inappropriate actions, and given that is only what you've caught to date you can probably times that by ten and you extend it backwards to the significant periods of time where you've done nothing except accept it the figure is horrendously worse.  We told you you were losing control of your game.  We told you you needed to act because development had moved the situation beyond our ability to police as players within the game.  We told you rules breaches were becoming embedded and corrupting generations of players who were taught to believe it was what they had to do to compete.  You retreated and retreated further cloaking yourselves in denial, allowing the system to twist into a game that rewards cheating and rule breaking that allows cheats to prosper and punishes those who seek to play it as it was intended.  You removed impartial CM's neutered their influence replacing them with BM's who were complicit in the very breaches you belatedly sought to address and complacent in their acceptance of the Status Quo when what you needed was a Status No approach.  We told you there was a problem repeatedly, explained what was happening and why and you dismissed us, blocked us, disrespected us.  We were clearly right and you wouldn't listen and wouldn't hear us.  Maybe now you will listen and finally act decisively.  I don't expect you to solve all the issues overnight but you can do more and you can try harder.  To be blunt I can and have beat players playing with bots though that is energy sapping but we cannot beat Multi-accounts and password sharing without your support and whilst you continue to conceal, collude with and actively reward those players there is no game for us to play.  The effort is appreciated but is not enough not nearly enough.  All you have told us is that you have allowed us to be cheated out of progress we could have made of contests and events we should have won, out of rewards we should have achieved out of strength in our accounts that we've been denied because of your inactivity.  There is an opportunity right here right now to draw a line and set that record straight.  Those players who cheated have not reformed in fact many of them have kept cheating, if they are not using bots they will be breaking the rules in another way, they no longer see the lines they've crossed and they are too far beyond them to come back, and if they do come back why should those of us who've kept to the line accept them.  They are your multi accounts your password sharing your account sellers your tool traders your black market black hearts.  Remove them they will not change not now they are too far gone to be helped.  Break them and take away the advantage they should never have had that is your only way to turn Ang's empty words into meaningful action.  
    Batten @ en 1
  • Batten (GB1)Batten (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,104
    For those of you who question why we needed fairplay rules and why we used to invest time in upholding them this is why.  If you wish to be exploited, cheated out of rewards and achievements you should have earned then by all means stay silent.  If you wish to see change then use your voice and let your anger your frustration, your sense of injustice be held and felt don't stay a victim fight for the justice you and other like you deserve.  If we have to lose our players and friends to achieve a better playing environment for all so be it, they can't be shielded or protected anymore they have to be dragged into the spotlight and exposed for who they are.  Perhaps some may do the right thing I don't doubt the Japanese server could provide some points on true honour.  
    Batten @ en 1
  • Kiwikiler95 (AU1)Kiwikiler95 (AU1) AU1 Posts: 419
    I think gge should focus on doing more of this work on removing multis and cheats rather than working on silly updates that they think are good
  • Herveus (AU1)Herveus (AU1) AU1 Posts: 11,051
    I think gge should focus on doing more of this work on removing multis and cheats rather than working on silly updates that they think are good
    and on fixing bugs and balance

    You need or want help to become a better player shoot me a message in the forums or here I'll gladly help you out for free

    In h
    ibernation nov2019-now
  • Kiwikiler95 (AU1)Kiwikiler95 (AU1) AU1 Posts: 419
    Herveus (AU1) said:
    I think gge should focus on doing more of this work on removing multis and cheats rather than working on silly updates that they think are good
    and on fixing bugs and balance
    Those too
  • umm what happens to goodgame empire and the rest of the good game studios after flash player is gone because it is going away are you guys going to change the game platform so we can play it when flash player is gone??
  • Batten (GB1)Batten (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,104
    Removing multi's would do more to repair balance than any update could.  In the long run the concrete action promised before the end of the year is cheaper.  Of course we are now in October and the action on bots in inadequate in making any real difference.  Interesting to know how many of those accounts caught were multiple accounts as opposed to actual players quite a significant number presumably as those players are smart enough not to use their main accounts to fast develop using bots.  Until you tackle the root of the problem the hydras heads will just sprout more heads and have you running in all direction remove the root remove the problem as you promised.  October, November, December time is ticking GGE...
    Batten @ en 1
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