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November Update Details

Brave Warriors,

Are you ready for an all-new epic journey of epicness? This November, we will bring you the most puzzling, challenging and invigorating experience ever seen in the Great Empire! New and exciting campaigns are waiting for you along with great rewards. For more information and details on what's to come among other things, keep reading below…

  Quest book redesign

  • The quest book has been re-designed in order to fit the new royal quest campaigns

  • It contains all currently active quests.

  • It still has different tabs to sort the quests for kingdoms but also for events, royal quest campaigns and the adventure quest chains.

    •  Event quests

      • Quests, which are bound to specific events like the nomad invasion for example

    •  Royal quest campaigns (detailed info below)

      • A campaign where each quest needs to be solved in a certain time

    •   Adventure quest chains

      • A chain of quests where each quest is harder as the last one but also the rewards are more valuable

  • Once a common quest is completed, it disappears from the quest book.

  Royal quest campaigns

General Info

  • In addition to your normal quests, you will have the chance to complete our brand new campaigns!

  • It is a special event where you can solve a time bound quest line to earn very powerful rewards!

  • You have to solve these quests in a specific order.

  • Every quest has its own timer but only one quest will be active at a time.

  • While a quest is active, you can only make progress for this specific quest.

    • Quests that start later gain no progress until they are active.

  • You get the quest rewards if you can finish them in time.

  • The next quest will start once the current quest timer runs out. You cannot start the next quest by yourself.

  • The status of the current quests can be seen in our re-designed quest book.

  • Once you have completed all quests, the final reward is all yours!

  • If you have no time to complete all the quests in a running royal quest campaign, you can buy the awesome final reward directly with rubies at any time.


  • You can get the final reward only once.

  • It can be exclusive decorations with high PO values, pieces of high-value item sets, exclusive construction items, etc.

  • If you purchased the final reward before the campaigns' end, you can still complete the open quests to get the quest rewards.

  • A quest can fail if you can’t complete it in time but it can still be finished by spending rubies to get at least the quest rewards.

    • Only quests which have the failed status can be resolved with rubies, active quests or quests which start in the future are not purchasable!

Are you curious about the final rewards for our first epic royal quest campaign? More content for this update will be revealed throughout this month, stay tuned! :)

You can ask questions about the update as usual HERE in this thread.

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