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Bugfix: Reward rotation system

ang1243 (GB1)ang1243 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 3,834

Brave warriors,

Empire is full of adventures and challenges. Beating the latter lets you bathe in rewards! Sometimes this experience can be marred by problems in-game. In the past, we had quite a few problems with it, due to our automatic reward system with messed up reward rotations, sometimes you had to start over to have a working rotation and get the last pieces of your desired event equipment sets. We do not have to rely on the automatic system anymore and are way more flexible now. If we have an issue with a reward again, we can easily fix the rotation for the following events.

We would like to have an additional bugfix update coming next week to tackle this:

  • We will improve our reward system to have a more flexible reward rotation in upcoming events. 

The "Friend of the true king" quest became quite popular in the Empire. It is a good way to satisfy your army's needs to succeed on the battlefield. Since this quest gives you a really good reward it should be given for greater activity and a true warrior should fight hard for the doubler if they want to earn it. So, after a thorough investigation, we decided to adjust the required amount of season points players need to collect in order to receive the payment doubler:

  • As soon as the update is done, players will have to collect 1,503 season points in order to win the payment doubler.

After the change, we will, of course, analyze the data and the feedback we get from you and consider possible future improvements.

As well as this, we will have a few more fixes for the upcoming bug-fix update:

  • We will fix a few problems that appeared in Prime days
  • Berimond: We noticed that on some servers players can reach the capital and defeat it, which could lead to the inevitable server crash. Thus, We will adjust the strength of the Capital making it stronger on every server, and therefore more difficult to defeat.

Due to the changes above, we have to perform the bugfix update between the long-term point events. So, we plan to have it next week. A detailed schedule will follow soon.

You can discuss this thread as usual HERE.

Best regards, 
Your Empire Family

Edit: Changed the required LTPE points from 3,000 to 1,503 as per THIS announcement.
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